Do Male Sexual Enhancement Pills Actually Work?

By 2025, the male sexual enhancement industry is expected to reach $325 million in spending. To be clear, these are the pills that are often bought over-the-counter or online without a prescription and do not include pharmaceuticals.

Clearly, men have a lot of hope riding on these OTC products, which would make one think they’re getting satisfactory results. But do male sexual enhancement pills really work that well? 

The Short Answer Is

Probably not if we’re just talking about gas station pills. You can check this guide to see why male enhancement pills rarely work in more depth. The major reasons are as follows. 

Ingredients Are Often Unknown

Most male enhancement pills are somewhat hush-hush about the recipes that are used to make them. They’re typically derived from a combination of herbs that are unproven, at best, and potentially dangerous, at worst.

“All-natural” isn’t always the best idea. After all, poison ivy is, and it’s doubtful anyone would want to put that inside of his body. But even if the company does print its ingredients on the packaging, it probably won’t provide the dosages. 

They Are Not FDA Approved

No male sex enhancement pills available from a big box store or gas station will come with a seal of approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Thus far, the FDA has only bequeathed that designation to Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Stendra. 

Any oral supplement that purports to be FDA-approved beyond those is in error. Now, it’s possible that some of these supplements will have one of the generic active ingredients in these medications, but whether it’s properly formulated is up in the air (and potentially dangerous if it isn’t). 

Their Production Is Overseas and Deregulated

Your search for the best male enhancement is further complicated by the fact that much of what you see on the market are manufactured in heavily deregulated countries. Production conditions are not as well monitored for quality control and not as sanitary.

The chances of your body having a reaction to these products are likely. Some of what you might experience includes the following: 

  • Congestion
  • Stomach issues
  • Blurred vision
  • Back pain
  • Migraines

Priapism, or the dreaded four-hour erection, is also a possibility. And yes, that’s a medical emergency that can result in permanent damage to your penis.

The Good News Is Male Sexual Enhancement Is Possible

Male sexual enhancement is something that can be achieved through multiple means. You can get there by taking naturally formulated products that are subject to better scrutiny and transparency. 

You can also improve sexual activity by communicating with your partner, working out at least three times per week, and changing your diet to eliminate added sugars and incorporate healthier proteins, fiber, and fats. 

There are also pharmaceutical and surgical solutions available if you are not averse to doctor-prescribed medications. These are not without side effects, but they do have more accountability than most of what you’ll pick up at a gas station. 

Lifestyle changes are your best bet. Best of luck! For more sexual wellness tips, check out some of our other posts!

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