Edibles vs. Smoking: Which Is Better?

It’s 4:20. Do you know where your weed is? When it’s time do you partake, how do you decide what is right for you?

It can be overwhelming with all of the different choices on the market. Times have changed and opened the doors to this booming industry.

In this guide, we’ll discuss two popular choices, edibles vs. smoking. Read on to see what all the fuss is about!

Edibles vs. Smoking

How you consume cannabis matters. It often depends on the experience you wish to endure. Feel free to try different methods and doses to see what works best for you and your pallet.


Ingesting edibles is yet another popularized form of consuming cannabis. The high effect will be equal to or more than smoking, but the process of getting there is different.

As you might’ve guessed, as you eat the edible, it goes through your digestive tract and is absorbed by your stomach. Active compounds such as THC are metabolized in the liver. From there, THC will become 11-hydroxy-THC which will last longer than typical THC.

When comparing edibles vs. smoking, THC takes more time to hit the brain. You can expect the timeframe to be anywhere between 45 minutes and three hours. You will feel the effects more strongly, and the half-life is longer as well.

Expect the high effect to last four to six hours+.


Smoking is the most common way to consume cannabis. As you inhale the cannabis into your lungs, the compounds enter your bloodstream right away. The high feeling you achieve is when the THC reaches the brain and connects with receptors in the endocannabinoid system.

You will feel the effects of smoking right away due to the quick onset. You can expect the impact to last one to two hours.

Pros and Cons

What are the edibles vs. smoking pros and cons? Each consumption method has its benefits and weaknesses.

Are you’re wondering, “Are edibles better than smoking?” It turns out that no one way is better than the other. It depends on the individual and the situation at hand.

Edible Pros

When considering edibles or smoking, pay attention to the variety you get with edibles. They come in all shapes and sizes, from fruit gummies, taffies, and chocolate bars.

Eating edibles are far more discreet than smoking too.

Edible Cons

Since the metabolizing process of the THC is slower with edibles, it is more likely you will overconsume. If you are new to ingesting edibles, you may think that it’s not working. It is recommended to start with a low dose and gradually increase (2.5-5mg) in a 24-hour timespan.

Smoking Pros

Since smoking has an immediate inhale to high impact, it is easier to gauge. The risk of overconsumption is much lower as a result.

You will love the wide range of flower strains to choose from. Depending on your mood or needs, there is a plethora of aiding benefits. You can also experiment and see which types of CBD products or THC options are available. 

Smoking Cons

Smoking or vaping weed can contain carcinogens that may be harmful to your lungs. 

Eat Puff Pass

Now you ought to better understand the high you’ll achieve when comparing edibles vs. smoking. Whatever approach you decide, make sure you do it in a safe environment with people who make you feel good and safe.

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