Legalize Marijuana: How to Properly Vote for It

Do you support the legalization of marijuana, like many other Americans?

Marijuana is one of the most popular and infamous drugs in the United States. Its reputation comes from the harmful side effects. Today, we know more about cannabis compared to a decade ago, leading us to discover its benefits.

We also know more about the proper and healthy ways to use it. These are only a handful of the top reasons why marijuana remains a popular substance. In the United States, 9 out of 10 Americans want to legalize marijuana.

Continue reading below to learn everything you need to know about marijuana legalization.

How to Get an Election to Legalize Marijuana Going

Before we get on the subject of voting to legalize marijuana, let’s talk about how to put it on a ballot. In other words, how do you begin the legalization training?

The best way to show your advocacy on marijuana legalization is to create an initiative. An initiative is a process citizens can use to bypass state legislature. States with different standards for initiatives can go on the ballot.

Some use an indirect process, wherein proposals go to the state government first. The local government won’t take action, question it, or reject it. Other states use a direct process, where qualifying proposals go on the ballot right away.

If marijuana legalization isn’t on the state ballot yet, create an initial proposal. Make sure to check whether your state uses the initiative process if you’re doing this. Also, research the qualifications and steps for proposing.

As for inspiration, check out the top legal marijuana states in 2020 or earlier years. Having something to base your proposal on can smoothen the process.

Voting on Initiatives 

Once the initiative is on the ballot, the next step is to vote. Most states use a majority vote system. Regardless, check with your state laws to determine your chances of winning the vote.

In recent events, four states have offered to legalize recreational marijuana. These states include Montana, New Jersey, Arizona, and South Dakota. They’re potential add-ons to the 11 states allowing the use and possession of recreational marijuana.  

Why You Should Advocate for Marijuana Legalization 

Despite its infamous reputation, marijuana can help a lot of people in many ways. For example, it can be a sedative whenever you become too anxious. It may also boost your mood, energy levels, and appetite. 

The problem is marijuana is an illegal drug in many parts of the country. If you want to get cannabis products, you have to travel to the states allowing it. It can be exhausting, especially if your home or location is far from those states.

Another reason to advocate for marijuana laws is to clear up their legality. It needs to be present in the case of abusive marijuana users. What is too much, and what are the punishments for having more than the recommended dose? 

Let’s not forget, legalizing cannabis offers a lot of economic benefits. It’s a new market, opening more job opportunities for the unemployed. It may even help lower crime rates related to marijuana abuse, theft, and others.

Advocating the public or locals is a good approach. If you’re more charismatic or have deeper connections, why not use them to your advantage? Get in contact with local politicians or representatives you know. 

Share your story with them. You never know, they might also approve of legal marijuana. You’d never have known without contacting them first. 

Does it often feel as if your family or friends don’t understand why you advocate legal marijuana? Sit down and talk with them about your views. Share the reason behind your position and try to understand why they also feel the way they do.

Other Ways to Help Legalize Marijuana

First, educate yourself on the effects of marijuana and how it works. Find out why it became illegal in the first place. Knowing these small details can help you get a clearer picture of what it is or how it works.

Sometimes, to buy and use marijuana, legalized votes aren’t enough. You can also use other strategies to push the battle to legalize marijuana further. The first strategy is to spread the word. 

For example, share a link, photo, or video online to inform others. With this, you can also get in touch with other groups promoting the same cause. The more you share, the more signatures you can collect. 

What to Keep in Mind When Voting for Cannabis Legalization

Don’t cast your vote without reading the legalization terms and regulations. Remember, governing powers can still keep it out of your reach, even if you vote for it.

In 2015, Ohio voters rejected marijuana legalization. The issue stems from its proposed regulating structure, since it would make marijuana exclusive to the wealthy.

Today, the future of Ohio as a legal marijuana state seems a little brighter. Click to discover more about marijuana legalization in Ohio from 2021 to 2022.

Is there a line in the potential marijuana regulations you don’t understand? Talk to a lawyer and ask them about the terms or the meaning of the documents.

Make Marijuana Legalization a Reality for Your State

Cannabis is a beneficial substance when taken in moderation. Never limit yourself to the resources you can use to relax, sleep better, or improve your mood. Before it happens, you must learn to advocate for its legalization.

Regardless, you now know how to vote to legalize marijuana in the United States. You also learned the reasons behind the move toward legalization. However, it’s only part of the battle.

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