The 9 Best Hookah Flavors You Need to Try in 2021

Wondering which shisha flavors are for you? Well, then you’ve come to the right place.  

Hookah (or shisha) is popular in the Middle East but is used all over the world. People love it for the aromatic smoke, wonderful tastes, and the social aspect that comes along with it. And whether you’re a seasoned hookah user or a beginner, there’s never a bad time to try some new flavors.  

Keep reading to learn the top 9 hookah flavors you need to try in 2021. 

1. Mint 

Mint is one of the most iconic flavors for hookah.

It’s light, simple, and can be mixed with other flavors. The experience is also very relaxing, as it hits you with a refreshing wave that you can feel in the nose, mouth, and throat. 

2. Bubblegum 

When you think of shisha, you may not immediately think of bubblegum.

But if you’re a lover of that sweet taste, this one is a must-try. It’s bursting with flavor and creates a sweet-smelling smoke you’ll want to savor. 

3. Double Apple 

Double apple is another classic flavor favored by old-fashioned hookah lovers.

It’s mild, sweet, and incorporates a small hit of anise. And if you like mixing flavors, this one is perfect for creating light and sweet blends. 

4. Blue Mist 

This amazing flavor tastes like blueberries with a small kick of mint. When smoking, you’ll feel a refreshing hit from the mint and taste some sweetness from the blueberry. 

And Blue Mist is especially great for beginners!  

5. White Gummi Bear

Calling all candy lovers!

White gummi bear is a popular flavor with younger hookah users. It has a mild sweetness with a slight pineapple flavor and is great when mixed with other fruit flavors.

6. Rose 

Ever wanted to taste potpourri? Well, you’re in luck! 

Rose is a romantic flavor that is floral and sweet without being overwhelming. And after smoking it, you’ll feel both energized and relaxed. 

7. Ambrosia 

Ambrosia literally means “the food of the gods.”

However, this flavor mimics the taste of an ambrosia fruit salad. The different layers you’ll taste include melon, creamy orange, pineapple, and marshmallow. 

8. Mango

The mango shisha flavor is fruity, sweet, and sophisticated. And if you’re a tropical fruit lover, you have to mix this one with guava and pineapple! 

Mango is best for beginners or those who enjoy mild flavors and smells. 

9. Lemon Mint   

If regular mint or blueberry mint isn’t for you, why not give lemon-mint a try?

For many shisha users, this is an all-time favorite. The flavor tastes refreshing from the mint and tangy from the lemon. Think of it as a mint lemonade on a hot summer afternoon!   

Which of These Hookah Flavors Are You Going to Try? 

These hookah flavors are all incredible in their own way. So whether you try a classic like mint or a more exotic flavor like white gummi bear, you really can’t go wrong. Now pick your flavor, grab some friends, and pass around your shisha. 

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