Understanding the Effects of Different Cannabis Strains

Getting into cannabis consumption can seem daunting at first. With all the different cannabis strains, there’s a lot of terminology and products that you’ve probably never heard of before.

This makes shopping online or visiting a dispensary intimidating, but that’s why we’re here. Let’s get started.


Indica is commonly associated with deep relaxation, insomnia reduction, and pain relief. Often, websites and dispensaries will refer to their product as “full-body high” or “body high”.

When they say this, they’re almost always referring to Indica strains.

Because of its deeply relaxing nature, many Indica users prefer to consume the product in the evening or at nighttime. This strain is also associated with an increased appetite, so “the munchies” often stem from Indica use. 


Sativa vs Indica is the most common comparison of strains of cannabis, and while they’re often compared against each other, they are by no means opposites. Sativa leans more to the “mind high” / “brain high” side of the spectrum, affecting your physical body less than Indica.

When consuming Sativa, you’ll feel the effects mentally, becoming productive, creative, and focused rather than sleepy or relaxed. Often, Sativa is consumed during the daytime rather than at night because of the increased brain activity.

Sativa also has wide-ranging health benefits. It’s been shown to be effective at helping with inflammation, brain disorders, autoimmune disorders, pain, and much more.


Hybrid chemovars are exactly what they sound like – a mix of the effects of the other two strains. Hybrids are popular medically and recreationally because they’re more customizable than other options.

Hybrid marijuana strains have a ton of possible effects. They can target migraine effects, reduce anxiety, and much more. These hybrid strains are often very popular because of how customizable they are.


Cannabinoids are a very popular alternative to other cannabis products and methods. In short, they’re the different chemical compounds in cannabis that are isolated for their specific health trait. Cannabinoids include THC, CBD, CBN, and CBG, and THCA.

For example, CBD products hasve become a huge product on the market. This is both because of its various physical healing natures and because you don’t get high off of it. CBD has been scientifically proven to ease pain, reduce anxiety, and reduce seizures.

So what does taking CBD look like?

When comparing full spectrum vs broad spectrum CBD, it’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for. CBD can be consumed in gummies, salves, and oils, and all are safe options for those seeking to relieve pain and many other symptoms listed above.

Use the Best Cannabis Strains for You

At the end of the day, choosing your cannabis strains comes down to knowing exactly what you’re looking for.  Whether you’re looking for relief, a mind high, or a body high, use the above resources to make an informed decision and go to your local dispensary or trusted website with confidence in your decision!

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