What Are the Different Types of Vapes That Exist Today?

Did you know that over 41 million people globally are into vaping? It’s quickly growing into a modern hobby and a lot of people also turn to it as a means to quit smoking. Others turn to vaping to perform vape tricks or for CBD consumption.

If you feel interested in vaping, you’ll need to start by picking the right vape kit. There are a lot of types of vapes to choose from. Getting the wrong one could leave a bad first impression. 

Fortunately, we’ve listed the different types of vapes in our guide below. Keep on reading to learn more:


When the vaping industry started, manufacturers initially wanted to release vape kits that resembled traditional tobacco cigarettes. These devices also popularized the term e-cigarette/electronic cigarette. 

E-cigarettes also feature a unique build compared to the rest of the vaping kits on this list. Most vape kits feature three major parts: an atomizer, battery, and flavor cartridge. E-cigarettes combine the atomizer and flavor cartridge, using a container called a cartomizer. 

Another significant difference is the fact that e-cigarettes don’t require you to push a button to activate the atomizer and start vaping. All you have to do is start inhaling with the mouthpiece to turn the device on. This makes it intuitive and easy to use, ideal for smokers who are new to vaping.

The main problem with e-cigarettes is that they don’t feature refillable tanks or pods. Once you empty them, you have to throw them away. However, this can be a benefit for beginners since they can give vaping a try without having to invest in expensive vape kits.

Vape Pods

Once vaping started to become more popular, manufacturers started to develop better atomizers and vaping bodies. Vape pods became the next popular option. These resemble vape pens because they utilize a thin, long body but the difference lies with the e-liquid cartridge. 

Vape pens and newer vape mods use a glass container. Vape pods, however, utilize a small, plastic container instead. These pods are a little less expensive and easier to use.

Because of the cheaper materials, vape pods are a decent and affordable entry point for beginners. 

Traditional devices use non-refillable pods. This means you need to dispose of the kit afterward. Newer devices come with refillable pods, allowing you to use the kit multiple times. 

Keep in mind that vape pods also differ from other kits because they prioritize nicotine salt e-juice. This gives a much stronger nicotine kick compared to other vaping devices. Vape pods are now the new e-cigarettes since they are the ideal transition option from smoking to vaping.

Vape Pens

Looking for something much more customizable and powerful for stronger kicks or amazing vape tricks? Do you want a beginner-friendly vape kit that you can maintain for months or even years?

You’ll need a vape pen.

Vape pens look like long, cylindrical devices with a glass e-liquid container. Unlike e-cigarettes and vape pods, these also come with a replaceable atomizer and a push-to-activate mouthpiece. 

Because of their larger size, vape pens often come with bigger batteries. This means they can run more powerful atomizers.

This combination allows the best vaper to create big puffs of vapor. A professional vaper can perform all sorts of cloud chasing tricks this way.

However, there is one major drawback. Vape pens aren’t for people looking for a deep mouth-to-lung vaping experience. You won’t simulate the exact feeling of cigarette smoking that most beginners still feel accustomed to.

One workaround is to look for a vape pen with a narrow mouthpiece.

Box Mods

Modern vape kits take the innovations of the aforementioned devices and combine them. These are the vape mods you’ll find commonly sold around online and in physical stores these days.

As the name implies, box mods resemble box containers instead of cylindrical vaping pens or cigarettes. This larger design offers multiple benefits. You get a much bigger battery, a more powerful atomizer, and more space for the cartridge to hold more e-liquid. 

The best vapes today also come with a regulator. This is a circuit board that gives the user much more control over their vaping experience. For example, you can now control the wattage of your vape kit. 

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What are the drawbacks of a vape mod? These almost always come with tanks designed specifically for direct-to-lung inhaling. This makes them a more difficult device to adjust to if you’re still accustomed to cigarette smoking.

Desktop Vaporizer

Before there were handheld vaping devices, there were desktop units. These are large, heavy units that can hold a large amount of e-liquid. Unlike handheld devices, these utilize convection heating instead of battery-powered atomizers.

Instead of using a mouthpiece, these devices feature a long tube. Vapers referred to this as a whip.

One of the biggest drawbacks to using a desktop vaporizer is the intensity. While some units allow you to control the heat and inhalation strength, not all of them do. Beginners might not be able to handle the experience, especially if they’re still coming from tobacco cigarette smoking. 

Most desktop vaporizers also require a socket. These units don’t rely on batteries, so you’ll need to always plug them in to use them.

Try Out the Different Types of Vapes

These are the different types of vapes you can purchase today. Most shops focus on vape pods, pens, and vape mod kits. This is because you can use those devices to refill the cartridges/pods and try out different e-liquids. 

But why stop with this article tackling the different kinds of vape kits? If you want to expand your knowledge and learn more, don’t hesitate to read our other posts today. We also talk about finance, lifestyle, business, and more!

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