4 Must-Know Benefits of Glass Pipes

More than half of all Americans think marijuana should be legalized. There are many medical benefits to it, and more people are experiencing the recreational fun, too. 

If you’re a new cannabis user, you may have heard about glass pipes. They are one of the most popular ways to use marijuana because of all the benefits they bring. 

Read on to learn why glass pipes should be your go-to. 

1. Glass Pipes Are Reusable

Unlike other ways to use cannabis, such as with joints or blunts, glass hand pipes are reusable. They’re generally less expensive than bongs, vapes, and dab rigs, but are still made from high-quality glass.

You can save money reusing your glass pipe while knowing that your hit will be clean and smooth. 

2. The Cleaning Process Is Simple

One of the best glass pipe advantages is that it is easy to clean. You want whatever you’re smoking out of to be as clean as possible, so you get the cleanest hit.

However, this process can be more complicated depending on the device. With glass hand pipes, all you need is a little bit of rubbing alcohol. 

They’re smaller, so it’s easy to get as much ash and tar out as possible. Soak your glass pipe in rubbing alcohol for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse it out with cold water.

Dry, and it’s ready to be used again! 

3. They Provide a Great Smoking Experience

You decide how big of a hit you’d like. Weed pipes can create massive hits if you want them to. If you light more of the weed, you’ll make a bigger hit.

If you’re a newer user and want to start slower, simply light a small corner of the bowl instead of a larger area. When you’re ready to increase it, you can start by lighting a little bit more. 

This also provides an excellent opportunity to share, as every person can get a nice-sized hit without wasting the cannabis. 

4. They Are Works of Art 

Among the glass hand pipe benefits is the art aspect. Whenever you use a glass pipe, you’re using something that someone made with their own hands.

Generally, machines are not making these products. So, someone crafted this specific glass piece for you. 

They are often very decorative, and you can most definitely find one that speaks to you. They come in different themes, with different-sized mouthpieces and bowls, and in any color you can imagine. 

Your glass hand pipe may be unique entirely to you, which is rare in the year 2021 when a machine makes everything. 

So Many Benefits of Glass Pipes 

The benefits of glass pipes go on, so why not try one now? Whether you’re a new or very experienced cannabis user, you can’t go wrong using a weed pipe. 

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