5 Unintimidating Kinks You Can Try in the Bedroom with Your Partner Tonight

On average, most married couples have regular sex a little more than once a week. While there is wide variation in this statistic, the fact remains that monogamous couples are still finding ways to keep things spicy in the bedroom.

Sometimes couples need to resort to new activities or kinks to keep their intimacy feeling fresh.

Do you feel like you want to take your bedroom kinks as a couple to the next level?

In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about common nonintimidating couple kinks for you both to enjoy through mutual sex exploration.

1. Trying on Some Lingerie

Several recent trends have shown videos of people dropping their towels to reveal lingerie in front of partners and having the videos go viral. Of course, viewers can’t see what the partner sees, but the point stands.

There are many ways to visually stimulate your partner before things really heat up.

The great thing about lingerie is that it has been relatively mainstream for decades. If you want to easier way into something a little kinkier, going to a store alone or in as a couple to choose lingerie can be a great first step.

2. Setting the Scene

Traditional romantic gestures can be kinky if they are different from your usual routine. While there’s nothing wrong with going about your sexual patterns the same way, setting up a romantic path to the bed using rose petals, candles, and maybe some wine to lighten the mood helps to signal to your partner that you are more than ready.

By being intentional in this way, you are setting the stage for more intimate and possibly kinkier sex.

3. Taking a Kink Test with Your Partner

The fact of the matter is that kinks are nothing you should be ashamed of.

Almost everyone has some, and people tend to have their own private fantasies. There are dozens of different tests available online to help you see which of yours match with your partners. It will only show the kinks that you’re both into.

4. Sexting Your Partner

Many people are intimidated by the thought of dirty talk with their partner in the moment. What if they can’t think of something to say? What if a beautiful moment instantly becomes awkward because they become uncomfortable?

One way to ease these fears is to sext. When you are communicating from different locations, it can still rev of your engines and prepare you for great sex later on.

This way, you’ll have adequate time to think of your response and even get insights from other men and women online. This is a surefire way to increase desire before you even walk into the bedroom.

5. Light BDSM

While BDSM appears scary to some people, it can be exciting especially when done lightly.

You can start slowly by seeing if you are your partner enjoy some starter techniques like spanking or using sex toys, always with consent. Remember that safety and communication are the most important things to consider, and always obtain consent before trying anything out.

If you want to advance into the world of sex toys for couples, check out this guide.

Finding the Right Bedroom Kinks

At the end of the day, there are plenty of kinks for you and your partner to try. You can spice up your time in the bedroom with lingerie, romantic gestures, sexting, and even some light BDSM with permission. Try out some of these kinks to see which works best for your relationship.

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