7 Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture Long-Distance

Did you know that over 40 million Americans move every single year? For many people, moving is an opportunity to start fresh somewhere new, connect with family and friends elsewhere, or due to a new job.

If you are thinking about moving, then you may be wondering how to start packing. Moving heavy furniture can be expensive, time-consuming, and even dangerous if you do not do it correctly.

Would you like to know how to move heavy furniture in the easiest way possible? Here are some tips to get you started, whether you are moving heavy furniture across the country or across town.

1. Pack Heavy Items First in the Moving Truck

When packing, you should get the heavy items out of the way first. This will help you to save energy when organizing your smaller items, and will also save you space in the moving truck. You can arrange smaller items around the larger ones so that everything will fit together.

By putting heavy and large items in first, you will not have to worry about fitting them in later when you might not have enough room. The last thing you want is to find out that you do not have enough space for something that you will not be able to leave behind.

2. Get Help From Friends and Family

If necessary, you should ask your friends and family for help when packing heavy furniture items. This is especially helpful if you live alone or you have medical conditions that may prevent you from lifting a certain amount of weight.

You can offer to compensate your loved ones with a free meal or even a small cash reward. Many of them will do it for free, but you should still express your gratefulness for them taking the time out of their day to help you move. You can all enjoy a good meal together when the task is finished. 

3. Lift With Your Legs

When you move heavy furniture, the last thing you want to do is throw out your back or suffer another serious injury. You should figure out how best to lift items before moving day so that everything will go smoothly.

One of the most important pointers when transporting heavy items is to lift with your legs and not your back. Try to make sure your back is straight the entire time you lift, and take breaks when necessary.

More importantly, make sure to let your fellow movers know if you need to take a break. It is better to rest for a few minutes to avoid injury than risk a huge problem that could leave you bedridden for weeks.

4. Take Advantage of Tools

Tools can be your best friend when you are moving heavy furniture items. You can buy moving tools at your local hardware store, or even possibly rent them if you have the help of a moving company.

Before you transport any of your heavier items, you should look up what the best tools can be to smooth over the process. For example, you may not know how to move a piano, so you can research how best to transport it without breaking it.

Some of the standard tools you want to have on hand include dollys, moving dropcloths and blankets to protect your floors, and stair rollers. Make a list of everything you will need beforehand based on the heavy objects that you need to move.

5. Hire Professional Movers if Possible

If you live alone or you do not have people to help you move, you may want to consider hiring professional movers. This will take most of the work off of your plate, so you can feel better about the whole process.

Most professional moving companies offer various services, ranging from simply putting your items on the truck to packing and labeling boxes. Depending on your budget, you can choose which is right for your specific needs.

Professional movers are also skilled in moving delicate and heavy objects, so you do not have to worry as much about your items breaking. That way, you can focus on other issues like renting the moving truck or making arrangements for when you arrive at your new home.

6. Measure Tight Spaces Before Moving

You should always make sure you know the dimensions of your new space before moving heavy and large furniture. If necessary, break down some items so that you can transport them through narrow doorways and halls to avoid getting stuck. Some of the easiest items to break down include bed frames and tables.

Try to give yourself extra room in case you have to turn or rotate items as well. You can coordinate with the people who help you move on how best to do this so that you can transport your heavy furniture easily.

7. Prepare to Navigate Stairs and Steps

If you want to learn how to move heavy furniture, you will need to prepare yourself to move it up staircases. Even if you do not think you will encounter stairs or inclines during the moving process, you should still be prepared with the right tools and knowledge.

You need to invest in a stair roller, which you can attach to larger objects and roll them down any flight of stairs. This will help you out immensely, especially if you need to make multiple trips.

When you move heavy furniture on the stairs, be sure to communicate with the person who is assisting you. You can avoid injury and get the job done without any complications.

Moving Heavy Furniture Should Be Simple

When you are moving heavy furniture to bring to your new home, you should not have to worry about how smoothly the process will go. With these steps, you can ensure that no one will get hurt and you will be able to enjoy your house as soon as possible.

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