A Simple Guide to Planning a Household Move

Did you know that around 40 million Americans move home every year? That’s a ton of people making the stressful transition to an exciting next chapter of their lives.

Planning a household move is exciting. You get to decorate a new place and your new home will offer so many new opportunities like access to new jobs, friends, and hobbies.

But before you start picking out wallpaper patterns, you need to wrap up everything at your current home. And if your last move wasn’t so smooth, you might be feeling apprehensive.

This guide will show you exactly how to plan a move so that the entire process is as easy and painless as possible.

Clear Out as You Pack

It’s so much easier to move your belongings when there are far fewer of them. Consider selling, donating, or recycling furniture that won’t suit your new home’s aesthetic. 

There’s likely a lot of other stuff you could purge before your household move, too. Ask the following questions about your belongings as you pack:

  • Have you used it within the last year?
  • Are you likely to use it within the next year?
  • If you lost it, would you replace it?
  • Does it have strong sentimental value?
  • Does it add any other value to your life?

You will soon realize whether you are holding onto something for the wrong reasons. Don’t forget to label all your boxes and pack non-essential items, like books, first. 

Book Professional Movers Early

One of the best moving tips anyone could give you is to start ticking tasks off your to-do list as soon as possible. For example, if you wait three weeks before your move date to hire professional movers and they are all booked up, you don’t have a lot of other options!

Contact local movers like Get Moving Geelong, Two Men and a Truck, and Grace Movers Providence you know your specific area super well. Get quotes from a few different companies, if you can, to avoid overpaying.

Sort Out Your Paperwork

Turning up to your new place without WiFi would be pretty annoying, wouldn’t it? And paying for electricity for longer than you have to in your current home would be annoying, too.

As soon as you know your new address, organize your utilities. And let your current providers know you will be moving out soon so they can stop charging you.

Don’t forget to cancel any magazines and let all your friends and family know your new address. 

That’s How to Plan a Simple Household Move

Planning a household move isn’t difficult, but it is harder if you leave things to the last minute because you don’t know what you’re doing. Now you know what you need to do, you can deal with problems early and focus your attention on your new adventure in your new home.

Moving to a new home can be expensive, so you need your finances in order before you embark on this next phase of your life. Check out our website for lots of money-saving tips and tricks!

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