Cushion Cut Engagement Rings ooze Vintage Charm

An engagement ring symbolizes loyalty and commitment to one’s spouse, representing the promise of marriage. The ring’s design, circular with no beginning or end, has become a universal symbol of eternal love, loyalty, perfection, and infinity.

Cushion cut engagement rings ooze charm with their soft, vintage energy. They also slay in modern settings.

The elongated cushion cut diamond looks larger carat for carat than the traditional round brilliant-cut stone, making them great for bigger budgets. They’re easy to pair with halo settings to maximize sparkle.


If you love the classic beauty of round diamonds but want something more unique, a cushion cut ring is the perfect choice. This fancy shape combines the look of a round diamond with soft pillowy corners for a beautiful, antique-inspired style. The shape was popular during a past era but has since experienced a resurgence in popularity among celebrities and modern brides alike.

The cushion cut’s myriad reflections help to amplify a diamond’s natural color, which is why you’ll often see them in fancy colors like bubble gum pink and canary yellow. The ring takes on a breathtaking ethereal elegance when paired with a white gold setting.

Even if you’re worried that the cushion cut is another passing trend, this beloved diamond shape will remain fashionable for years. It’s also an excellent option for those who aren’t into the glamor of a brilliant cut diamond but love its soft sparkly magic.

So if you’re ready to take your engagement ring game up a notch, shop the incredible cushion cut rings and discover the ring of your dreams. You’ll find cushion cut solitaire rings, double-halo rings, and more to help you snag second glances from all around.


The softly squared curves of cushion cut engagement rings exude a timeless sense of luxury. They also feature condensed facets that radiate a fiery brilliance in nearly all types of lighting, earning them the nickname “candlelight diamond.”

The cushion shape is classic and versatile, but it’s also an excellent choice for more modern styles. For example, a halo setting maximizes the size of your cushion cut center stone for a stunning effect. Its rounded corners fit perfectly in vintage settings, but they also look enchanting in contemporary designs like mixed metal or romantic rose gold.

As with other fancy cuts, selecting a quality diamond requires focusing on color, clarity, and carat weight. These qualities will help you choose the perfect diamond for your needs and budget. If you prefer a brighter sparkle, opt for a higher clarity rating like SI1 or SI2. Likewise, if you want to save money, consider a slightly lower color grade, such as H. Once you know your preferences, it’s time to start shopping.


Consider the cushion cut if you want a unique and stunning diamond ring. This diamond shape is on trend for all the right reasons. It’s perfect for a bride who loves sparkle but wants a more distinctive look. With their sumptuous curves and unique faceting, cushion cut diamonds deliver a scintillating glow.

Initially popular during a former era, this diamond shape is often referred to as antique and still speaks of old-world style even though it’s been refined. Today, many modern cushion cut diamonds include 64 facets instead of the original 58.

Due to their broader faceting structure, standard cushion cut diamonds show flaws more quickly than other shapes. That’s why choosing a diamond with an H grade or higher is essential. 

As one of the most cherished pieces of jewelry you’ll ever own, it’s essential to take proper care of your ring to keep it looking pristine. Removing your ring before activities involving contact with dirt, water, or sweat for optimal protection. And remember to polish and clean your ring regularly so it looks new.


The classic cushion cut — the pillow or heirloom cut — offers a distinct and timeless aesthetic, with distinctively rounded corners that give it a vintage feel. It’s a great option if you want to add a touch of glamor to your engagement ring.

As one of the deeper cuts, round diamonds are better than cushions when retaining color. Consider a higher H or K color grade when selecting a cushion ring. On the other hand, they are known for having a lot of fire or dispersion – those colored flashes you see in a diamond – so this can make up for it if you’re looking for more sparkle than brilliance.

Another thing to remember is that a cushion cut ring will usually look smaller ‘face-up’ than some other shapes because it has more weight concentrated under the girdle. You can still find plenty of dazzling rings that feature this lovely shape.

A cushion cut diamond’s rounded, almost squarish shape looks beautiful in nearly any setting design. If you want to max out the sparkle factor, pop your cushion cut ring into a halo setting – this will make a small-by-nature stone appear bigger while adding extra glamour.

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