Features of a 1ml Flat Tip Vape Cartridge Blister Pack

A hollow or pocket produced from a formable web, commonly a thermoformed plastic, is the principal component of a blister pack. It is widely known as a paperboard with an aluminum foil or plastic lidding closure.

A blister pack of 1ml flat-tip vape cartridges is an excellent way to preserve and display your empty vaporizer cartridges. These packs are in a clamshell design and come with an industry-standard 3.5 x 2 business card/insert. With tight clamshell plastic wrapping, your product is protected from unfavorable storage conditions and incorrect handling during transportation. In addition, clamshell plastic packaging safeguards your products against airborne contaminants while maintaining their safety and freshness.


A 1ml flat tip vape cartridge blister pack is a great way to package and present your brand’s products. These packs can accommodate a business card insert, which makes them a cost-effective and professional presentation tool for displaying your products on display racks at dispensaries or retail stores.

Clamshell packaging may be modified to suit and protect your goods regardless of their form or size. Clamshell packaging is both transparent and very protective. Several businesses utilize clamshell packaging to protect high-end commodities. While clamshell containers may have an additional seal, they are nevertheless extensively used in retail environments because they protect items from outside interference. These packagings are strong enough to withstand product damage and temperature variations during delivery and handling. For instance, clamshell offers the same safeguards for food goods, creating trust in customers by assuring them that their food is safe to ingest.


A 1ml flat-tip vape cartridge blister pack is an excellent method to promote and draw attention to your items. The most significant thing is that the packaging is also recyclable, so tossing it away is unnecessary. Aside from being environmentally friendly, it also saves money and keeps your product in stock.

It’s tempting to place something in the recycling bin, hoping it will be repurposed into something new. But the reality is that there are only a small number of materials that are genuinely recyclable at the scale we are used to today. Therefore, it is essential to understand which items are most likely to be repurposed and which should be thrown away.

Easy to Open

A 1ml flat-tip vape cartridge blister pack is an excellent option for businesses presenting their products professionally. This packaging style fits cartridges with a silicone tip cover and is designed to be easy to open, which is essential for consumers.

The clamshell style of this packaging makes it easier for customers to find their products on shelves. It also provides extra protection and keeps the contents inside securely sealed against exposure to elements. Clamshell packaging is simple for customers to utilize. Clamshell containers can be opened and resealed more easily. This usage consideration is essential when a customer makes a purchase choice at a store.

Aside from the clamshell case style of this packaging, it is also offered a variety of other techniques to help keep your product protected while being easily accessible to your customers. 

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