How Do You Use Lube: 5 Tips for Using Lube in Bed

Using lube in bed can be beneficial in many ways. What does lubrication do? Not only can it make things more comfortable for both partners, but it can enhance pleasure and be used in more ways than one as well. 

If you’ve been contemplating trying lubed sex or wondering, “what does lube feel like,” then you should continue reading below. Stop asking, “how do you use lube” and start getting some answers! 

Here’s everything you need to know. 

1. Find the Right Type for You

Before you begin using lube, you should take your time to select the right one for you. Did you know there are different types of lubricant made for different uses? That’s right!

There’s a lubricant for sex toys and silicone lubricant. There are creamy lubricants and water-based lubricants as well. There are also lubes for oral pleasure, enhancements, the G-spot, and more. 

Make sure to take your time and select lube that’s ideal for your needs and won’t cause irritation if you have sensitive skin.

2. Use It During All Types of Play

When most people think of lube, they think of using it only during intercourse. Although lube is a wonderful addition to intercourse, it can be used for all types of play. 

What does lubrication mean sexually? 

Sexual lubrication can refer to using lube on sex toys, using lube during oral sex, and using lube for any other type of sexual activity. It doesn’t have to stop at intercourse.

3. Don’t Wait Until After Penetration

A great tip to remember when using lube is to use it before penetration. Some wait until after penetration to then apply lube when feeling dry. Instead, use penetration on both yourself and your partner beforehand. 

You can use it for both anal and vaginal penetration, and you can even use it inside a condom. Just be sure not to use too much that the condom doesn’t stay in place. This will help prevent dryness from occurring, and you won’t have to stop what you’re doing to apply lube.

4. Incorporate It Into a Massage

A warming massage before sex is a great way to get things steamy. Rather than massaging dry skin, try using lube during your massage. You can use a full-body safe lube anywhere on your partner’s body for a full-body massage. 

This is an excellent way to up the foreplay. When the massage is over, your partner will feel warmed up, lubricated, and ready for intercourse!  

5. Use It When Alone 

Why wait for a partner to use lube? You can have fun using lube when alone! Lubrication is a great way to masturbate with a sex toy or even with your hands.

Lubrication is made for this type of use, which makes it a better choice than using random lotions. Do remember to use the right type of lube if using it on sex toys, though.  

Tired of Asking, “How Do You Use Lube?”

It’s time to stop asking, “how do you use lube,” and it’s time to start reaping all the benefits of using it! Keep these helpful tips in mind when you’re ready to try lube for the first time. 

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