How to Design and Build a Smoking Lounge

Did you know that there are more than 12 million people in the United States that enjoy smoking cigars? If you’re someone that loves smoking then it is never a bad idea to add a smoking lounge to your home or place of business. A smoking room is a great way to keep smoke isolated to one room while allowing you to enjoy your tobacco products.

There are a good amount of things to consider when you’re thinking about smoking room design, like the smoking lounge decor as well as the cigar lounge ventilation system. The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn more about designing your smoking lounge.

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Choose a Smoking Lounge Location

The first step is to choose a location. It might be in an annex off of your home or it could be in your basement. It is up to you and your household to decide where the smoking lounge should go. A good strategy is to find somewhere that is located a ways away from where people spend most of their time in the home.

Get Good Ventilation

It is also important that you invest in a cigar lounge ventilation system that will carry the smoke from your tobacco products away from the home. If you’re wanting to go with a cheap option then all you’ll need is a window-mounted fan that blows air out the window.

Smoking Lounge Decor

There also needs to be appropriate furniture for your smoking lounge if you’re going to do it right. Do you want a traditional and classy feel like what you see in the movies? You’ll need to do your research to find the right types of furniture and wall panels to create that atmosphere. Don’t forget to browse cigar products to match.

Window Coverings

Another thing to consider investing in when you’re working on smoking lounge design is window coverings. You can’t go wrong with thick velvet curtains to keep excess light out of your smoking room. You’re probably wanting a relaxing and classy ambiance and curtains will go a long way towards achieving that.


No smoking lounge is a true smoking lounge without a humidor built into it to keep your tobacco products fresh. This will help to keep the air and the temperature in a controlled state to help you get the most out of your love for tobacco. Doing this will protect your tobacco products and keep them fresh for a much longer period of time.

Start Building Your Smoking Lounge Today

Smoking lounges are often seen in movies and are owned by a classy, rich person. There is no reason why you can’t own your own smoking lounge. Be sure to choose an appropriate place for it and get ready to invest in the right kind of furniture if you want to build a great atmosphere. Most of all, invest in a humidor to keep your tobacco products fresh.

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