How to Tailor Your Social Media Strategy to Gen Z Trends

Gen Zers are motivated by environmentally-minded and socially responsible brands. They’re also loyal to brands that share their values and beliefs. Campaigns that support conservation and recycling capture their attention, as well as those that promote equality. But Gen Zers keenly know when a brand pays lip service to a trending issue.

Use Hashtags

Gen Zers are a powerful force that defines today’s culture. They’re woke social media users and harbingers of the latest trends.

They’re particularly passionate about addressing racial inequality. For example, they’re 3x more likely to say that brands should take a stand on social issues such as climate change and LGBTQ rights.

Moreover, they’re more concerned with the mental health crisis than previous generations. Several studies have shown that Gen Z has the lowest positive outlook on life and the highest rates of depression.

As a result, they are avoiding purchasing products that need to be more ethically conscious. For instance, they prefer handmade clothing made with recycled materials. They also avoid buying fast fashion items to avoid contributing to the world’s textile waste.

Share User-Generated Content

Gen Z is known for demanding brands that drive social change, support marginalized groups, and are environmentally sustainable. They also demand racial inclusivity and gender-fluid concepts in advertising.

They can filter out content that does not resonate with them quickly. This is why marketers need to keep content relevant and entertaining.

Sharing reels of your customers using your product is an effective way to connect with Gen Z. For example, Starbucks regularly reposts reels from their customers, which performs well with this demographic. This shows that you value their feedback and opinions. It also gives them a sense of ownership over your brand, which is important to Gen Z. They are likelier to purchase from a company that shares their beliefs and values.

Create Videos

Gen Z has shifted away from the idea that everything online needs to be picture-perfect and has found video is one of the best ways to communicate their experiences. They’re more likely to engage with a video than a text-based post.

They’re also big fans of platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Snapchat, where video content is popular. As a result, brands need to find ways to integrate video into their marketing strategies.

Create A Community

Gen Zers are the most diverse generation in history, and they expect brands to reflect this. They care deeply about inclusion and social justice and want to see brands taking a stand on important issues like climate change and mental health.

As such, creating a community online can be an effective way to market products to Gen Z. User-generated content that features the uses of a product performs well with this audience, as does video. 

Promote Events

While Millennials have been a tidal wave of change for many industries, Gen Z is ready to take the reins as the next generation of consumers, influencers, employees, and trendsetters. Understanding how to reach this woke and savvy demographic will be vital for companies that want to thrive in the future.

While technology is essential to Gen Z, they prefer physical brands that stand for more than just the latest gadgets. They are looking for sustainable brands and products that help to preserve our planet and support local economies.

Gen Z also favors a less-is-more approach to consumption. They don’t like clutter and prefer to spend money on things that have sentimental value. For example, they’re more likely to buy resale clothing than new clothes.

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