Important Things to Keep In Mind When Planning Your Next Corporate Event

Whether you’re a start-up, small business, or large corporation, there will always be opportunities for your company to celebrate a special event. Many companies, for instance, host yearly Christmas parties, team-building events, company picnics, or annual awards ceremonies. It’s a great way to bring employees together and improve employee morale. When employees feel valued, they will be more productive and inspired – so don’t underestimate the value of your next employee outing.

The Food

No matter what kind of event you’re planning, there absolutely has to be food. Without food you can hardly call your event special – in fact, you’ll probably leave the majority of attendees hungry and cranky, which isn’t good for anyone’s morale. Obviously this can cause you a lot of pressure when it comes to picking the best food supplier out there, but rest assured that you are not alone in your hunt for good food – experienced corporate caterers know how to deliver

Booking a catering company like The Food Dudes, a Toronto-based catering company, for your next corporate event will ensure that you have a professional and quality experience. With dedicated catering specialists, you won’t be wanting for inspiration or direction when planning, budgeting, or personalizing your catered event to suit the occasion.

There are tons of great recipes online that you can check out to get ideas of what to serve your guests. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope! 

The Location

Now that you have the food down, it’s important that attendees have somewhere to enjoy the high-quality catering that you’re providing them with. The location of your event depends on many factors:

  • How many are attending
  • What season the event is taking place in
  • The location of the venue relative to your workplace
  • The kinds of activities taking place during the event

It’s also a good idea to make sure that the event space is well-reviewed and accommodating to your various needs. For instance, if you plan to show a video presentation at the event then it’s important to check with the venue first and make sure that they have the necessary audio and video equipment. 

If you really want to go all out, it might be worth looking into companies that specialize in audiovisual experiences. Your guests will be a part of a truly memorable audiovisual experience when you hire a professional technical manager that takes care of everything from planning and design, to installation.  

The Decorations

You have the food, you have the place, and you have the tech, but what do you need to make the space extra-special for your event? There are plenty of sources for corporate event inspiration available online through sites like Pinterest. 

Consider including some branding design at your corporate event, including signage and interactive elements like product showcasing or something more fun like a game. This is especially relevant if your company is celebrating an anniversary where you want to highlight your company and employees’ achievements. 

The Take-Away

Whatever the occasion, it’s important that your employees take something away from their experience at a corporate event. They could be inspired by your presentation, impressed with the décor, or even raving for days afterward about the quality of the catered food. If successful, you will not only create an experience that your employees remember fondly, but one that will leave them excited for the next one.

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