Lifestyle factor that affects your health and well being

Have you struggle with a health problem or mental illness or help some who are undergoing this type of situations? If yes, then are endless ways to treat these type of problems. But the major problem is to cover up the cost of medicine and treatments. But some alternative ways prevent you from big cost also. So let’s take a look at the lifestyle factors that affect your health in good as well as a wrong way.

Exercise and Activity Level

Each healthy person says that everyone has to do exercise. The main reason is exercise controls your weight, protect and improve your physical health. Even it also has some benefit in treating the mental health problem also. Exercise is an effective and popular antidepressant. It can also reduce muscle pain and movement challenges. No “magic” amount of exercise will cure health challenges. But stay moving like go for a walk instead of the bike ride, take stairs instead of lift or elevator.


Those who smoke definitely have a health issue. Quitting smoking is a challenge, but the study says that it helps to reduce health issues. When anyone smoke, he/she is taking lots of toxins that cause the mood problem also. The physical health problems caused by smoking are coughing, heart disease, emphysema, difficulty exercising, frequent colds, mental health challenges, and mood problems. So quitting is the best you can do.


Everyone knows that diet directly affect physical health and mental health. Unhealthy food choices like sweets, excess processed foods, and foods with low nutrient value lead to many problems. Healthy fats such as Omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, fruits like avocados, green leafy vegetables boost the brain power and improve your mood. Even sweet tooth, dark chocolate is a healthier way.


Bad or unhealthy family environment that includes any abuse, like physical, psychological, or sexual can make impossible to achieve your overall health to a normal level. The after effects of abuse can stay for years, and even some of the people encounter post-traumatic stress disorder. If you have some history of abuse, do not try to handle it alone, share it with other and look for treatment to get out of it.

Social and Community Activities

Anyone who has a friend with whom you can cry makes a vast difference in health. Even research is also appreciating the value of true friendship. Isolated people who do not have friends can suffer from a health problem especially mental health problem.   One can feel more concentrated if they involved in the large community and volunteer work. Some people have selfless behavior which makes them easier to deal with the everyday challenges.

Even some research proposes that religious people are happier than the isolated person may be due to their regular socialization opportunities. The key to socialized is to find the person with whom you feel comfortable and like to spend the time with. Don’t force for a connection which is not there, instead of try to out of them. Go for social outings, because initial it feels awkward and overwhelming, but after some time you like it as you find the group of people like you.

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