List of Travel Nursing Jobs

The travel nursing industry was created in response to a nursing shortage in the 1970s. It supplies nurses with temporary nursing positions, primarily in hospitals. They will pay more than a permanent position. Before applying, you should learn about the requirements and pay rates.

Job description

A travel nurse’s job description may differ significantly from a full-time position. These professionals are responsible for providing high-quality care to patients while working at different hospitals. Their duties include administering medication, changing dressings, and addressing patient concerns. They must also be punctual and capable of communicating effectively. Successful travel nurses are highly organized and adaptable.

Travel nurses are registered nurses who fill temporary positions in healthcare facilities worldwide. They are usually placed in a hospital or healthcare organization with staffing shortages. The average travel nurse’s salary can be very high. Check reputable sites like to know about job vacancies available.

Pay rate

Travel nursing jobs tend to pay higher than the average nursing salary. However, the rate varies from one location to another. Some travel nurse jobs pay more than $10,000 per week, while others pay less. Travel nurses with specialty certifications tend to earn higher salaries than other nurses. For example, nurses in cardio catheterization, oncology, neonatal intensive care, and pediatric intensive care are in high demand. Certifications and experience will also increase your salary.

Traveling nurses are also in high demand because of the current pandemic. They can earn up to $6,200 a week in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and more than $8,000 per week in Fargo, North Dakota. Many travel nursing jobs are also temporary and require a short-term commitment.


To pursue a career in travel nursing, you must have the appropriate education and licensure. It is true in every state, but if you are looking for a national job, you can obtain multi-state licensure through the Nurse Licensure Compact. It means you can practice in all states.

In addition to the domestic opportunities, there are also many international opportunities. Many countries face a shortage of nurses, especially during natural disasters or disease outbreaks. These countries will also be in desperate need of travel nurses. Fortunately, travel nursing jobs are available globally. Besides North America, you can find employment in Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. These international travel nursing positions are generally one to two years in length and will require you to obtain visas. You will also need to learn the local language and get sponsorship.

Most travel nursing jobs require at least two years of experience in a specific specialty. However, the requirements vary from thing to specialty. For instance, those with experience in physical or occupational therapy may require less time. Still, the hiring facility will want to know that you have recent experience in your specialty. Many specialties overlap, so having previous experience in more than one specialty will give you more options.


If you are a registered nurse looking for travel nursing jobs, it may be best to work for a reputable agency. Aya Healthcare is an excellent choice for many reasons. Not only is this agency one of the largest in the country, but it also offers a broad array of assignments. However, one disadvantage of working for a big agency is that it may need to provide you with the personalized service you want.

For one thing, a travel nursing agency may offer perks such as housing. Many of these agencies also have contracts with lodging facilities, which can save you money on travel costs. Additionally, most travel nursing companies offer health insurance.


Travel nursing is a flexible career that lets you work in the locations you want to work. You can work at various hospitals in different states, and you can work in different positions. This job allows you to experience other cultures, get a taste of the local nightlife, or explore the natural world.

Travel nursing jobs are available in many areas, and many places need nurses. Between now and 2026, there will be a 15% growth in the need for nurses. It is much faster than the average national job growth rate. Because of the aging population, the healthcare industry will likely need more nurses than ever. Fortunately, you can choose to work in a location requiring more nurses, regardless of whether you’re looking for a job in a rural or central metropolitan area.

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