Rose Meanings: Your Definitive Guide

Roses are red, Violets are blue, but did you know they can say more than just “I love you”?

Over the centuries, roses and their colors have come to carry a variety of symbolism. From red roses that symbolize love to white for purity and remembrance.

But what do different types of roses symbolize? What color roses should I get? We bet that when you’re picking flowers, you rarely stop to consider these questions.

Read on for our guide to rose meanings and the complex topic of rose symbolism. So, the next time you get your loved one a bouquet, it’ll truly come from the heart.


Meaning: Chastity, Innocence, Purity

It’s traditional for white roses to associate with new beginnings or with marriages. Their calm beauty has also made them a symbol for remembrance.

The purity of their color conveys a hope for the future, a fresh canvas to build upon. While also be quiet enough to show respect for the past. It’s the perfect bouquet to say that you’re thinking of someone.


Meaning: Elegance, Luxury, Charm

Ivory is a shade darker and more of an off-white color. They’re often used for elegant displays for a calming, luxurious feel. They’re a great choice for dining room tables to add that special touch that only a well-arranged rose bouquet can bring.

The color also represents charm, making these a great gift for someone who likes the finer things. They’re also a great choice to show someone you care about them with no romantic intentions.


Meaning: Remembrance, Warmth, Affectionate Care, Friendship

In the past, yellow roses symbolized greed and jealousy, but they now show care and friendship. Gifting yellow roses to a friend will show them your affection and warmth, much like a warm sunflower.

They’re also a great way to show joy and delight, brightening up any room and adding some liveliness. You can also give them to show warm memory and remembrance, or to show your appreciation.  


Meaning: Sympathy, Modesty, Genuineness

When you want to show gratitude or say thank you, peach roses are the way to go. Often, they’re given to celebrate business deals or can show your loyalty to someone.

Due to their warm, cheerful color, they’re also a sweet gift. It’s a way to show your adoration to a friend, or a young daughter/relative.


Meaning: Desire, Passion, Fascination, Burning Love

Their vibrant, blazing hue makes orange roses the wild card. Orange roses represent pride and fascination. They’re a way of projecting your feelings with enthusiasm. Whatever you want to say, orange roses will say it with pizazz and elegance.  


Meaning: Sweetness, Joy, Admiration

Pink roses are the classic symbol of elegance. You’ll often see them given as a gesture of appreciation, as well as admiration.

Of all the roses, they are the most gentle in color and will convey this with their grace. Whether for a co-worker, a friend, or your fiancee, pink roses will add a touch of joy and sweetness to any day.


Meaning: Beauty, Perfection, Ultimate Love, Longing, Passion

Red roses have a long history of symbolizing perfection and beauty. They’re considered the classic and traditional way of saying “I love you” with a bouquet.

They symbolize passion, and a strong romantic love you feel for the recipient. Whether it’s for a special occasion or as a surprise, there is no better way to share those feelings of love. For the perfect bouquet, visit who has the perfect option to suit all your needs.


Meaning: Splendor, Majesty, Fascination, Love at First Sight

You most often see lavender roses in spring, and they have come to mean love at first sight. They’re used when you want to show your adoration and fascination.

Another symbol they carry is enchantment, and their shade can alter their meaning. For example, a darker shade of lavender symbolizes majesty, splendor, and regalness instead.


Meaning: Peace, Harmony, Health, Prosperity

Green roses, a color close to nature, represent opulence, fertility, and harmony. Like lavender roses, you see these in the spring, and they represent rebirth, good health, and peace.

Giving a gift of green roses is showing you wish the person good health or recovery. Or, you wish them prosperity in their life chapter or new journey.


Meaning: Mystery, Lust, Desire, Unrequited Love

The mesmerizing blue hue has meant they’ve come to symbolize mystery and illusion. Blue roses show the ultimate feelings of lust and desire, but for a love that is unattainable. If given as a gift, it shows this unattainable love, but yet your unfathomable interest and favor.


Meaning: A Final Goodbye, Death, Elusiveness

You most often see black roses during Halloween as a spooky decoration. It’s not inaccurate as they symbolize death or an ending; a relationship, idea, or feeling.

Both blue and black roses aren’t natural colors, so black also shows elusiveness and mystery. If you give black roses, you are showing the end of your relations with someone, or you are morning a death.


Meaning: Joy, Happiness

Rainbow roses, (also known as multicolored) are a unique gift. They show joy and happiness. The range of colors and brightness varies, which makes them a fun gift.

You can use them for any occasion, like a new baby, an anniversary or birthdays. It’s also possible, depending on the color mix, to use them to show a multitude of emotions and sentiments in one bunch.

Combine Your Rose Meanings and Colors

If a few sentiments apply, then mixing your rose meanings in a bouquet is a way to personalize the gift. For example, putting pink and green roses together show harmony and gentleness. It’s the perfect gift to show love and affection for a family member or dear friend.

Or, if you put ivory together with red you show that your love is passionate but tasteful. Rose color symbolism goes deeper than picking the color you like the best. Or even the favorite color of the recipient. Putting the thought into your choice is the ultimate way to go that extra mile.

Sharing your true feelings and emotions through roses is an extraordinary gift. One that, with time and thought, is always sure to come from the heart.

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