Scott Tominaga – Skills Required to Work in Finance

The financial world is one which presents a huge array of opportunities to people who have a passion for finance. Despite the fact that there are so many positions which you could possibly take on in the financial world, there are core skills which you will need regardless of which one you want to enter into. To understand these skills better we spoke to financial expert Scott Tominaga, who was kind enough to break down the core skills and characteristics which you will need if you plan on embarking upon a career in finance.


No matter if you want to become a stock broker or a bank teller you will need to have a natural flair when it comes to numbers and math. Of course, this is something which you can certainly work on if you don’t have the required levels but you soul at the very least have a real passion for numbers. At the root of any financial operation, even before you start thinking about the impacts that it has on the ‘real world’, numbers are the most critical aspect of finance and you need to be able to work with them comfortably.


Another key attribute which you’ll need to survive is real passion for finance, whichever area you happen to go into. The world of finance is ever-changing, it is highly pressurized and the consequences and impacts which it can have on the rest of the world is huge. This is why you simply must love what you do with regards to finance and if you do not, it is unlikely that you will be able to find success within this industry.


Almost every position within the world of finance revolves around sales and this goes for anyone working in banks, stock exchanges, hedge funds or private groups. If you are an analyst you need to sell your analysis, if you are a trader you need to sell your ideas and if you are a banker you need to sell packages such as mortgages, credit cards and loans. Finance and sales are like brother and sister and if you really want success when it comes to a career in this industry, you need to know how to be a great salesperson.


Another core skill which you need is the ability to be a people person, and this is not exclusive to those working in the financial services industry. These skills will not only help you to better assist your clients, it will also help you to make it in the world of finance and help you to further your career. You often find that you see the same faces wherever you go in the financial world and that is why it is so important that you seek to build relationships, as you never know when they will help you out in the future.

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