Sip and Shriek: Raising Spirits on a Chicago Halloween Bar Crawl

Bar-hopping is a typical college rite of passage, but an organized bar crawl takes it to the next level. Halloween bar crawls will help you experience nightlife in a major city in unexpected and wild ways. With a ticket, you can access exclusive drink specials, food discounts, and live entertainment at participating bars. Planning from your tickets to the perfect costume is vital to your success as a crawler.

How to Plan Your Bar Crawl for Halloween

Although spontaneity seems to define fun, it requires careful planning to enjoy a themed bar crawl.

Save the Date

Regardless of what day Halloween falls on, many bar crawls happen on the weekend. Some take place over one night, but plenty will expand over two or three days. Your first decision after picking a specific crawl is on which night you want to participate or whether you can hang out for the entire weekend. You may get a discounted rate for multi-night tickets. Some tickets are the same price regardless of how many nights you attend.

What does your ticket mean?

Speaking of tickets, acquire them early. Plan whether you will go alone, with a date, or with a group of friends. Figure out how your group will avoid becoming separated. Put some thought into your costume. Map out your route and know which bars you will visit. Find out where to check in. Double-check that the selected pubs are on the venues participating in your particular bar crawl. 

Explore the ticket offerings for different experiences and what they include. You may find VIP, elite, or early bird opportunities that offer more perks or memorabilia. If a nice meal is one of your priorities, get a package that includes food specials or discounts.


Finally, plan how you will get around. Most bar crawls feature venues that are within convenient walking distance from one another. However, choose a designated driver or arrange a rideshare or taxi for the ride home or the just-in-case adventure. Remember that most bar crawls do not account for transportation on Halloween. Some venues or pub crawls may offer unique incentives for designated drivers.

How to Dress Up for a Halloween-Themed Bar Crawl

You know that any Halloween bar crawl in Chicago will be massive, and your costume is half the fun. Ideally, you should plan your costume as soon as you choose a date and buy your tickets. Whether you simply want to create a memorable experience or win a contest, make or select your costume with an eye for the unique. Many crawlers enjoy going as scary apparitions, but you can also aim for a mythical creature or a favorite superhero. 

Whatever you do, go all-out on the costume front and prepare for many photographs and videos. Furthermore, do not overlook comfort when you select a costume. Your outfit has to accommodate walking, drinking, eating, and dancing. Finally, make sure you know what constitutes appropriate dress for your venues. A costume that is too racy for the event can ruin the event for your entire group if an establishment denies you entry.

Halloween Bar Crawl Events

They do not have to stick to the script of hopping from pub to pub, making themed bar crawls so fun. Halloween allows for a plethora of ways to party.

  • Raffles with unique prizes – Find out where to get your raffles and how to find out who the winners are
  • Costume contests – There are often multiple categories
  • Group dances – e.g., “Thriller” by Michael Jackson
  • Haunted trails or walkways
  • Private party rooms
  • Themed drink stations
  • Live costumed bands


A bar crawl is an attractive alternative to trick-or-treating, Halloween parties, or haunted houses. It embraces many aspects of Halloween at once. You can walk between establishments, be scared along the way, dress up, and drink with your friends. While Halloween bar crawls are wildly entertaining, your ultimate enjoyment depends on careful planning, choosing the perfect costume, and knowing what to expect.

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