Tips To Promote Industrial Automation Products On Social Media

Most industrial automation companies have managers that do not fully understand how to properly use social media when promoting services and products. This is often because of the belief that social media cannot be used in this case. Such a belief is incorrect because of a really simple reason: people that have decision making power in all industries have social media profiles. They can find the page of the business so having a presence can be highly beneficial. The problem is that this presence should be different. Here are things you need to remember.

Focusing On The Main Social Networks

Louis Hernandez Jr highlights that there is a pretty good possibility that you will not get results if your social media approach is using networks like Twitter. You need to mainly focus on Facebook and some forums where industry professionals hang out. Using too many networks is not beneficial for any business and is particularly bad for industrial automation since much more work has to be done for proper results. Always focus on one network at a time and then see if you can move on towards another.

Don’t Overuse Industry Slang

Many of the businesses in this industry rely on B2B contracts so it is normal to think that it is really important to seem as professional as possible. This is completely correct but nobody should ever neglect the social aspect of social media. When visiting social networks people do not want to struggle to understand what is presented. Using too much slang is something that makes even those that do have a lot of knowledge feel a little overwhelmed. It is similar to when you talk about ways to cut down on income tax bands and you have zero financial knowledge.

Remember that many of the decision makers in larger companies do not actually have that much technical knowledge. They mainly deal with management so they might not actually understand all industry slang. Always try to keep things as simple as possible.

Seriously Consider Using Video Content

Social networks are changing and the power of video should never be underestimated in anything related to online marketing. The truth is that industry automation does rely a lot in showing results. What better way to show results than through video? In the past it was a little difficult to produce high quality video content but this did change and now it is accessible for companies of all sizes.

Using video on social networks increase brand awareness and even reputation. Potential clients and partners get to see products in action, which is a great way to guarantee full understanding of everything presented.


Always consider social network use as you promote industry automation products but keep your legs on the ground. You need to adapt the strategies that work in most cases and make everything as related as possible. Understanding the potential clients and how they use social media is definitely a necessity in this case. The more you understand about clients you can find online, the higher the possibility success will appear.

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