5 Important Vape Battery Safety Tips

Are you new to vaping?

A vape pen or e-cigarette is gaining popularity today because of its ability to mimic smoking. It’s also because you can add flavors to what you smoke, enhancing and personalizing your experience. Although some would not agree that it’s safe, it’s still a better replacement for tobacco smoking.

The true hazards of using a vape lie in the vape’s battery. Like every device that has mechanical parts, it’s susceptible to poor handling that may cause accidents. 

To continue using vape without thinking of its hazard these are the five vape battery safety tips you need to know. Read what we have below and learn more.

1. Use the Right Battery

When vaping, it’s important to know your style. This may sound unusual, but there are types of batteries for vaping that performs depending on how you use your device.

There are batteries that are best for low wattage or sub-ohm vaping. This is best if you don’t use your device all that often. Other batteries are better-equipped for frequent use.

Consider the battery type you will use for your safety. This also helps you discover more of the vape mods you need with the appropriate specs.

2. Use Battery Wraps and Cases

Don’t carelessly store your batteries when not in use. Placing them in an unsecured environment can jostle them. This can cause them to bump into things, weakening their structure.

Invest in a battery case or wraps to have proper storage for your batteries. It’s the simplest way you can take care of your vape battery safety.

3. Beware of Fake Batteries

When taking care of a vape pen, be careful of counterfeits batteries. It won’t matter how careful you are when using vape as these can damage your pen regardless. Only buy from reputable vendors to ensure the quality of the batteries.

By doing so, you avoid buying fake batteries that tend to explode. A glaring warning would be the price of the battery. If a battery is cheap, it may be because they’re fake. 

4. Don’t Charge the Batteries When Sleeping

You might treat your vape pen like it’s your smartphone and charge it as sleeping. It’s best to avoid doing this because it can lead to big disasters. Although the chances are low, it’s still possible for it to make a violent discharge.

It’s better to take it off before sleeping. Charge it again once you wake up to make sure you don’t overcharge it.

5. Don’t Drain the Battery

It’s common for us to drain the battery before charging or replacing it with another one. However, doing this lowers the life cycle of the vape battery. This means that you’ll get less use out of it before it runs out of battery again.

Changing batteries when they’re low preserves them and prolongs their life. You also increase the number of life cycles for both the device and the battery.

Improve Your Vape Battery Safety Today!

Vape battery safety is your responsibility, so observe proper use every time you vape. By doing this, you take care of yourself and you improve the life cycle of your device. Use your device correctly and enjoy vaping today!

Do you want more safety guides when using your vape? Check out our guide and learn more today!

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