What Does A Full-Service Salon Offer?

When looking for a salon, you will want to look for several factors, such as location and cost. Consider looking into additional services offered. This article will go over some of the essential services and some of the most common extras. It will also cover what to expect when you walk into a salon.

Basic Services

A full-service salon can offer a variety of essential services to its clients. Typically, these services are less expensive than the more premium services. Adding a niche service to your menu is a great way to attract loyal clients and establish your salon as a credible destination. In addition, you can purchase salon products from various distributors, both local and national. Large items can be bought from wholesale salon distributors, while smaller items can be purchased directly from manufacturers or distributors.

Starting a full-service salon like the hair salon Pompano Beach, FL requires a lot of planning. First, you must find a location. You can either rent or purchase a building. In either case, you’ll need a security deposit. You’ll also need to pay employees’ salaries and other benefits. You may also need to purchase beauty supplies, chairs, sinks, hair dryers, POS systems, and other equipment. It would help if you also considered purchasing an insurance plan.

Adding a subscription service is another way to boost your profit. Subscription services allow clients to pay for services regularly. This creates a steady income for the salon, which is vital to its success.

Additional Services

Adding additional services to your salon can help you increase revenue and retain customers. These services include hair hydration, waxing, eyebrow tinting, up-do, and treatments geared toward men. The good news is that most of these services are inexpensive and don’t take long to perform.


You’ll need to buy various supplies and tools to run a successful salon. These supplies can range from shampoos and conditioners to chemicals used during services. You’ll also need to buy specialty polishes and manicure products. These costs should be factored into your monthly budget.

You may have to pay thousands of dollars for salon equipment to get started. You can also invest in interior and design elements. Some of these elements can cost as much as $32,000. A new salon may also require legal and consulting fees. Legal and consulting fees can run as much as $200 an hour.

Designing your salon space is also crucial. A well-designed space will increase your revenue. It should be spacious, not too cluttered, and not look dated. To ensure your salon looks excellent, budget for improvements in each area and set aside a portion of your profits. You should also invest in good signage. Good signs can be purchased at a reasonable price if you shop around. However, professionally-made signs may cost several hundred dollars.


When setting up a full-service salon, location is a crucial factor. Your salon should be in a location that is convenient for your clientele. It is also essential to consider the demographics of the area. The type of business surrounding the salon may help or hurt foot traffic.

The cost of renting a space is another consideration. Many salon owners choose to rent rather than buy. Booth rentals and salon suites are popular options for these professionals. Before you lease a place, make sure the rental rate is reasonable. Compare prices with average rates in the area to ensure you’re getting a good deal.

Another essential factor to consider is the proximity of competitors. A salon close to a competitor can be disruptive and hurt your business. Also, check the location of your suppliers and find out how convenient they are to deliver.

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