Which company should I shop from for fireplace tools near me?

It’s a shame that not all homes come fully-equipped with a fireplace, especially ones built within the past decade. A fireplace brings a certain amount of charm, and not to mention it does a great job of heating the house during the frigid winter months. Bundling up next to the fire with a mug of hot coco is just one of the many beauties involved in owning a home with a fireplace. 

For those fortunate homeowners who have the luxury of having a fireplace, keep reading. You can do a lot to turn this charming feature into an extremely functional one. In order to make the most of your fireplace, you should invest in some nifty tools and accessories. In addition to a fireplace screen, be sure to search for “fireplace tools near me.”

Ready to invest in some tools and accessories to make the most of your fireplace? Here is a company you can trust for all of your fireplace-related needs. 

Why should Pilgrim Home and Hearth be my first choice?

The most trusted name in the business of fireplace screens and tools is Pilgrim Home and Hearth. Their headquarters are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, but they have dealers and distributors all throughout North America (750 to be exact). With over 65 years in the fireplace business, you can trust Pilgrim Hearth to deliver products that your whole family will appreciate. 

What products are offered by Pilgrim Home and Hearth?

At Pilgrim Hearth you can find everything from customized screens to wood holders and ash buckets. If you’re in the market for some fireplace tools that are not only functional but also appealing to the eye, you’re in luck. Pilgrim Hearth specialized in a wide range of tool sets; all of the sets include a poker, tongs, shovel, natural fiber brush, and a secure holding base. 

What design styles are offered by Pilgrim Home and Hearth?

No matter the design theme of your home you’ll be able to find a fireplace tool, accessory, or screen that fits it. Most of the fireplace tool sets come in a variety of metals and finishes, such as matte black or vintage iron. Whether you are looking for something that fits your modern taste or you want to stick with a more vintage feel, Pilgrim has got you covered. 

What if I don’t live in North America?

As we mentioned before this company is headquartered in California with locations all over North America. But even if you live elsewhere, chances are you can get a Pilgrim product. They ship certain products overseas to Australia, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and certain European countries. 

Their products are a bit out of my price range, what should I do?

Due to the pristine craftsmanship and quality materials used in Pilgrim products, this company might not fall within every consumer’s budget. If this applies to you, don’t assume you can never own a Pilgrim fireplace screen or toolset. Just visit the “Factory Outlet” section of the website to see what products are being offered at a majorly discounted price.

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