11 Eye-Opening Quotes From Founders of Non-Profit Organizations

Recent studies have shown the significance of how we say things. Feeling like someone empathizes, responds in a timely way, with positive intention can increase our sense of social connection. 

So often today, newsfeeds are overrun with insights from celebrities, which can be thoughtful and relevant. But what about the brilliant minds behind non-profit organizations? 

These folks have heart, soul, and dedication to something outside themselves. All of which makes for some powerful, quotable content. In this article, we will share quotes from top leaders of nonprofit organizations.

In these challenging times, we could all use some uplifting. Are you ready to find some inspiration?

Let’s get to it!

Bob Goff – Love Does

Love Does has been working to bring educational opportunities and restore human rights to children in conflict zones for 15 years. They have opened schools and hospitals in the Middle East and Africa in areas that are sorely lacking in these basic resources. 

Here are some of our favorite Bob Goff quotes

“If you get a no from somebody, don’t say, ‘I’m going to take this as some big cosmic signal.’
No, you just got a no; deal with it. Just go to the next step.”

“What distracts us will begin to define us. We don’t need to swing at every pitch.” 

Nicole Cardoza – Yoga Foster

Yoga Foster is a nonprofit based in New York that was founded by Nicole Cardoza. Their work centers around providing evidence-based tools to cultivate mindful wellbeing in all classrooms for adults and kids alike. 

Today over 4,000 classrooms utilize their tools with great success. 

“Start with your strengths, not your limitations. And be patient with the practice of growing a company, instead of obsessed with the outcomes.”

Matt Bergeiser – University City District 

University City District is a West Philadelphia-based nonprofit that focuses on changing citizens’ lives by focusing on public safety services and public maintenance. Matt Bergeiser works with the nonprofit and brings us this pearl of wisdom. 

“We nonprofits, in the business of creating small miracles every day, were made for this moment of crisis.”

Paige Elenson – Africa Yoga Pra

After a life-changing family trip to the African Bush, Paige Elenson was moved to launch the Africa Yoga Project (AYP). Their goal is to help co-create opportunities for young people to utilize yoga as a way to step into their power and become leaders in their communities.

“When I am in action when I take my prayers and make them my promise to the world; I risk, I try and I connect—with other humans, with animals, and with the world. Action breeds empowerment and leadership.”

Bill Kauth – The Mankind Project 

The mission of this nonprofit is to help “create a world where men act on their individual and collective responsibility for the future of humanity by initiating and supporting men on a path of emotional maturity, spiritual awareness, and deepening community.” Kauth tells us the following, and I tend to agree. 

“A few people of integrity can go a long way.”

Lindsay Kolsch – To Write Love on Her Arms

TWLOHA nonprofit is dedicated to helping people struggling with depression find hope and resources. By way of encouragement, information, inspiration, and investment directly into treatment and recovery.

“We try to come alongside people and interact with our supporters so that they know that we see them, we’re with them, and we’re in this together.”

Malala Yousafzai – Malala Fund

This young lady is certainly an inspiration to girls around the world. The Malala Fund works diligently to ensure that all girls have access to 12 years of quality educational opportunities. 

“Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.”

Kumi Naidoo – Greenpeace International

Greenpeace has a long legacy of exposing environmental problems and coming up with creative solutions. Kumi Naidoo also has a long legacy of social justice work in his hometown of South Africa, where he fought for liberation from the age of 15. Now he works with Greenpeace. 

“Change depends on ordinary people who have the courage to say, ‘Enough is enough and no more.’”

Jim Ziolkowski – buildOn

Jim and others with the buildOn nonprofit work to break cycles of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through service and education in low-income communities worldwide. 

“Fear is useless. What is needed is trust. As social innovators, we’ve got to be tenacious, gritty, and courageous. We deal with cynicism and rejection, especially when what we’re working on is important. So we can never give up. Ever.”

John Wood – Room to Read

Room to Read believes that world change starts with educated children. Since its launch, they have brought the gift of lifelong education to 16.6 million children across 16 countries. Here’s what John has to say about dealing with roadblocks. 

“Don’t tell us all the reasons this might not work.
Tell us all the ways it could work.”

Chandini Portteus – Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer

Chandini has a long legacy of work in the medical, business, and service fields. Through this nonprofit, Chandini and her team work to provide hope and resources for families with cancer children. 

“You fight for what’s right, you set that vision of where we could be—and then you go after it yourself.”

Draw Inspiration From These Leaders of Non-Profit Organizations

We hope you enjoyed this look into the minds of leadership at a small handful of non-profit organizations.

If you feel moved to donate to any of these nonprofits or want to find a nonprofit that really speaks to you, check out this website. It will help you navigate the vast number of nonprofit organizations out there and make sure your money goes to the right people. 

Go ahead, think outside the box this holiday season.  

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