4 Easy Steps to Setting Up an Office

Starting a business or setting up an office for an already established business is a lot of work. As exciting and fulfilling as it might feel, it’s a pretty daunting task especially for a newbie. If you’ve never done this before, there’s a high chance that you’ll get a lot of things wrong if you dive in blind.

You need to properly outline your needs and also create a schedule to greatly reduce the chance of spinning around in circles and eventually getting little or nothing done. Here are a few easy steps to set up your new office:

Write Down the Necessities

This is probably the first step to take. Pretty much everything else will revolve around a list of your immediate needs. Be sure to include everything regardless of how small or inconsequential they might be. Your list should include computers, phones, and an alarm system as much as it should include common office supplies like file folders, pens, and even stamps.

Create a Method for Procurement

Don’t get too worried about how much of it you can buy at once. If you’ve created a list based on your most important needs, satisfy those and push the others for later so you’re not already financially handicapped in your early days. For this step, its best to gather your team and let everyone pitch in on what they think should be purchased right away and what can wait a little more. Apart from keeping everyone in the loop, it helps you see ideas about how to handle irregularities that might be caused by the initial inadequacy.


Write down all the roles each person should play. Also, design a proper hierarchical plan so the team would know who each person should report to when a certain task is completed or if further clarification is needed. A chart that explains this could even be placed in the office. This will ease your own work and give you more time to focus on other things.

List Other Items that May Improve Workflow

There might be some things not considered as important but could still improve effectiveness and efficiency. For example, paintings and aesthetic ornaments might not come up in the first step. However, it might help people be a little more dedicated with their work if they feel comfortable. Ask people for a list of what they think might be necessary and pull in a few ideas from there. Some offices have a game room where a few video or board games are available for people to relax. Other things could include a USB Hard Disk Dock or a signal booster for your mobile or general networks. An item like this will help employees work better and faster. If you’re still unsure, take out some time to read about a signal booster and all the ways it could help your business.

Don’t just follow these steps and stop there. Feel free to come up with a few of yours with your team so everyone will feel like a strong part of the business and will be more willing to put in considerable effort.

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