Don’t Miss These Great Technical Traders on StockTwits

A good day trader should have a robust understanding of just how technical analysis works. If you’re just starting out with day trading and looking to understand this side of trading, you should follow technical traders on services like StockTwits. StockTwits is a Twitter-like service that is oriented more around traders sharing information and ideas with one another. Some of the best technical minds in trading maintain accounts and regularly update them with their trading positions to help others learn. Let’s take a peek at some of the best day trading specialists on the web.

Jon Boorman

Boorman is a trend follower who uses moving averages at the 20,50, and 200-day levels to make his trades. He follows trends and holds positions for as long as the trend lasts. Boorman has maintained a massive following on StockTwits thanks to his exhaustive explanations and charts. He’s one of the best traders to follow to help you grasp technical analysis of trends.

Brian Shannon

Shannon is a swing trader who runs the blog His main goal is to teach young traders how to maintain discipline and risk versus reward levels. Pattern recognition is also one of Shannon’s specialties and one of the things he blogs about most. Shannon also does weekly stock market analysis videos that help both day traders and swing traders alike.

Greg Harmon

Harmon is a professional options trader who uses technical analysis to help him make his trading decisions. He serves as the president of Dragonfly Capital and writes the monthly newsletter which covers his trading ideas using technical analysis. Harmon has a huge following on StockTwits and often shares his opinions on the current market.

J.C. Parets

Parets is the person behind the @allstarcharts profile on StockTwits. He’s a technical analysis trader with a deep understanding of Fibonacci levels and trend lines to identify support and resistance levels. He shares examples of how this process guides his entries, exits, and even his risk management strategy for all of his trades.

Charlie Bilello

Bilello serves as the Director of Research at Pension Partners. He consistently shares insightful and profound posts on StockTwits and the current market trends. He’s great to follow if you’re still learning the fundamentals of how the market moves in both bullish and bearish sentiments.

Andrew Thrasher

Thrasher is another great technical analyst who is a CMT and works at an asset management firm. He has an otherworldly understanding of sector rotation strategies and the breadth of the market. His chart shares on StockTwits are always insightful and are great learning resources for understanding technical indicators and moving averages.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of traders sharing information about the market with different views of expertise. Technical analysis is most commonly used in day trading, so you should focus on traders who strategies might align with your own. Doing so will help you learn the ropes from experienced traders who are making a living following the advice they’re sharing online.

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