4 Ways to Make Your Restaurant Ready for Spring

It’s finally getting warmer outside and the sun is out for longer: this meansthat spring is near at hand! There’s nothing like warmer temperatures to make people emerge from their winter hibernation and hit the town for some food.

You can incorporate the season into your restaurant by making some spring-inspired tweaks and changes that your clientele will appreciate. Here are four tips for bringing spring into your restaurant.

New Technology to Make Life Easier

Spring is the season of renewal, so why not simplify your business operations with some new technology? Restaurant scheduling software is designed specifically to make creating a schedule for restaurant employees easy, and up to 80% faster! 

There is a wide range of other functions, so click here to learn more about the communication tools, time-clocking functions, and other ways restaurant scheduling software can help your restaurant today. You’ll wonder how you lasted through the winter season without it.

Spring Cocktails

Preferred winter drinks typically involve heavy-tasting brown liquor like whiskey or bourbon, whereas the perfect spring cocktail should be light and refreshing — for example, sweet rum, Campari and lime juice are just some of the ingredients in a Concrete Junglebird.

If your restaurant decides to offer one or two seasonal drinks, it makes for an easy thing to promote and it’s a goodway to usher in more foot traffic. Added bonuses: offering specialty seasonal drinks requires very little work, and alcohol has the best margins.

Food for Spring

If you’ve tinkered with the drinks menu, why not adjust the food menu a bit too? People usually prefer eating heavier, heartier food when it’s cold outside. 

To celebrate the onset of spring, go to the garden and offer something light and healthy. Focus on foods that grow in the season, such as crisp salads and fresh berries.

Celebrate TV Events

This idea won’t work if you own a restaurant where TVs clash with the ambiance, but inviting locals in to watch an important TV event is a good way to bring the community together — and get new clientele in the door. 

People without a TV or cable in their home may find it a nice way to hang out with a friend, get some drinks and a good bite to eat, and watch the TV event everyone is talking about. None of the major sports leagues have championships in March, but National Hockey League playoffs are around the corner and Major League Baseball begins its season.

In an age where everyone has their head down staring at their phone, when it comes to watching television, everyone views the same thing — it can be a very communal ritual! There’s a great sense of togetherness when the home team wins and everyone celebrates with another round, and you’ll be glad you made this adjustment for spring. 

If you usher in the seasonwith new technology that simplifies your business operations, offer some seasonal drinks and food while attracting locals by hosting a popular TV event, you’re bound to love the spring for more than just the nicer weather. 

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