5 Great Reasons Why You Should Play Paintball

The USA paintball market is worth an estimated $111 million per year– and it’s not hard to see why.

Paintballing is a fun, adrenalin-fueled experience for both fast friends and work colleagues. Plus, you get to feel like John Rambo for the day- minus the sticky consequences.

However,  a novice could leave the field looking like something from a modern art gallery. Not to mention the embarrassment of being painted head-to-toe by Karen from finance.

So, If you want to lead your squad to an awesome victory, read on for five great reasons why you should play paintball.

1. Bonding

is there a little conflict in your workspace or friendship group?

You may be surprised at how quickly these issues dissolve in the fast-paced world of paintballing. Now you and that person you never really connected with might have something to talk about- a clean headshot, perhaps?

Share your newfound tactical skills with your fellow combatants for a conversation that is never dull. We guarantee you’ll be swapping notes within minutes!

2. Stress Relief

is all that pent-up anger weighing you down?

Tell us that after emptying your paint hopper while ducking and diving for your hypothetical life while your friends lob paint-grenades into your bunker!

Once you have learned how to play paintball, watch your stress levels melt away over a fun post-match debrief.

Paintball can even help those with stress disorders and anxiety tackle their problems in a controlled environment.

3. Exercise and Health

Do you want to shed a few pounds and improve your cardio?

Paintball benefits not only your physical health and fitness, but it can also sharpen your mind and help you tackle everyday challenges with a fresh new outlook.

Tackle that next assignment with the military precision of a paintball master and watch the results roll in.

4. A Collectors Hobby

Hands up if you love collecting! Ask any paintballer, and they will tell you that their equipment collection is their pride and joy.

There are endless accessories to collect, customize and amass in the world of paintball. But where can you find the best paintball equipment?

Woodball paintball guns are an excellent place to start for any paintball for beginners.

5. A Unique Experience

Soccer may be fun; baseball’s a sure-fire way to kill a few hours, and who doesn’t enjoy a bit of two-hand touch in their backyard?

Heck, maybe you’ve even tried your hand at some slightly more exotic sports.

Yet it’s hard to deny the pure thrill as you storm the enemy line, paintball gun in hand, and capture the flag to the whoops and cheers of your teammates.

There’s simply nothing quite like paintball. It’s a truly unique sport.

Play Paintball Today

So, by now, we’re guessing you can’t wait to load up and play paintball. We hope you enjoyed this article. Be sure to check out our other posts!

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