This Is How to Spice Things Up in a Relationship

Has your relationship lost its spark? It’s normal for things to feel different once you become settled in a relationship, and even the happiest couples go through highs and lows.

If you need to turn up the heat in your long-term relationship, there are many simple ways to do it and get your relationship back to how it felt at the start. Just because you’ve been together for a long time, that doesn’t mean your relationship has to become routine. 

Keep reading for our top tips on how to spice things up in a relationship and reignite the spark.

Make Time for Each Other

Making time for each other is key to spicing up a relationship — make an effort to have regular date nights to enhance your romantic connection. Dressing up and going out on dates makes the relationship feel like it’s back in the early stages and can reignite the passion.

Being a part of each other’s hobbies is an easy way of doing this. If you’re willing to be a part of the things they enjoy, it means you’ll get more time together. Consistency is key and having a plan of which days are for spending time together helps to maintain the bond. 

When you live with a partner, it’s easy to be drawn to your smartphone when you’re spending time together. Having dedicated time where you unplug from your devices makes your partner feel seen and heard, and allows you to communicate properly without getting distracted.

Spice Things Up in the Bedroom

If your sex life could use some zest and you’re wondering how to have better sex, talk to your partner about it! Brainstorm a list of fantasies together — you will likely have desires and kinks you’ve never discussed before that you can explore together.

Try new positions and new locations to keep things interesting. Consider adding sex toys if that’s something you’re interested in (go here to find out more). 

If the issue is that you want to be having sex more frequently, schedule in time for sex! It may sound boring, but it can actually create anticipation during the day as you build up excitement towards the event. 

Being more intimate during the day helps towards spicing up a relationship too. Kiss each other for longer, hold hands, and show little signs of affection throughout the day. 

Be Attentive to Your Partner

If you’re wondering how to spice things up in a relationship, know that it’s all about being attentive to your partner’s needs. Most relationship advice is centered around understanding your partner’s unique needs. 

Learning your partner’s love language is key to understanding how they want to be loved. Your love language may not be the same as your partners, and that’s why it’s important to communicate your needs. 

You can also be attentive to your partner physically. Pay attention to their body and what they respond to, both in and out of the bedroom.

How to Spice Things Up in a Relationship — A Guide

If you’ve been needing to know how to spice things up in a relationship, we hope this guide was helpful.

Make your partner feel appreciated by expressing gratitude for them, and know that you are lucky to have each other. This knowing will translate into improving the health of your relationship and spicing things up. 

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