What Is Being a Police Officer Actually Like?

Did you know that in 2021 so far, 204 dedicated law enforcement officers have laid down their lives protecting the liberties that we as Americans hold so dear?

These tireless patriots are the defenders of the American way. However, the job entails much more than the high octane gun-battles commonly depicted in the news and media.

Police officer jobs are an important and rewarding role- a successful police officer will be a guardian of their community: the hand of justice, fairness, and civil freedom.

Are you thinking of becoming an officer of the law? Read on for all you need to know about what the job is actually like.

Public Interaction

Law enforcement is a multi-faceted role. Of course, you will be taking down bad guys, but a more significant part of the job involves offering guidance, advice, and counsel to the public. 

Your duty as an officer will be one of reassurance- citizens will turn to you for advice. As an authority figure, it will be your responsibility to provide it. 

Your job will be to know and enforce the law. A police officer career is rewarding because you will be helping those in their time of need. The public will expect officers to be approachable and helpful.


Every day, criminals seek to threaten the safety of law-abiding citizens.

As a police officer, your job will be to stop them in their tracks. Of course, de-escalation is the ideal outcome. However, interventional force will sometimes be necessary.

During your mandatory police training, you will learn how to apprehend and detain culprits professionally and effectively.

Using your service weapon may sometimes be necessary. It is paramount that you protect the lives of innocent parties, as well as your own. Nonetheless, a well-trained officer will be able to apprehend a perpetrator by other means.

During the course of their career, most officers will never discharge their weapons.


As an officer, you may find yourself as the first responder to an emergency.

Upon arrival, the situation will likely be ongoing. Chaos and panic must be subdued: this is your duty as a police officer. This may present a danger to yourself as you confront the often volatile scene. Officer safety is paramount in these unpredictable scenarios.

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High-quality equipment for personal protection, riot control, and breach-entry is essential. Nothing should compromise your safety as an officer of the law.

Becoming a Police Officer: Rewarding and Challenging 

So, that’s the down-low on the core responsibilities of being a police officer.

Could you be an asset to your local police force? If you’re wondering how to become a police officer, you can apply online or in person.

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