5 Key Benefits of Using Filtered Water

Water—we can’t live without it, but it can also make us very sick if it’s not clean. If water is contaminated, it can cause serious illness, which is why access to fresh water is considered a basic human right.

This is why just about everyone can benefit from a filtered water system. A filter will remove debris and contamination from your water source, giving you peace of mind that it’s ok to drink.

Want to find out more? Here are five amazing benefits of using filtered water for your home.

1. Filtered Water Is Free From Impurities

Although tap water is generally safe, it can sometimes contain contaminants that you don’t want to drink. Common water impurities can include ammonia, barium, chloramine, and selenium.

To protect your family, one of the best things you can do is purchase a water filtration system. This will filter out all of the bad stuff and leave you with pure, clean water.

2. Filters Give You Safe Water After an Emergency

Is your area prone to disasters like floods or hurricanes? If you’re worried about access to fresh tap water, a filter can help ensure your water is safe to drink after a natural emergency.

Or, if you live off the grid, filters mean you can filter and drink water safely, even if you’re unsure of where it came from. Using a filter is more time-effective than boiling water before you drink it.

3. It Tastes Better

There’s no denying that filtered water smells and tastes better! Since it’s free from all the nasties, you don’t need to worry about funny tastes or odors.

Even ice made from filtered water tastes better!

Instead, enjoy water as nature intended.

4. More Affordable Than Bottled Water

Bottled water is expensive to purchase each week—plus, single-use plastic bottles are no good for the environment.

You don’t need to sacrifice on quality though, since filtered water is a much more affordable alternative to bottled water. Check out these Berkey bundles if you’re looking for an effective way to filter your water.

5. Removes Bacteria

Unfortunately, it’s possible for bacteria to get into tap water. This can cause discomfort and upset stomachs, especially in kids. A filter will remove this for you automatically, so you don’t need to worry about whether or not water is safe to drink.

Purchase a Filter to Start Enjoying Fresh Water Each Day

If you want to start each day with clean, pure water for drinking and cooking with, look for a water filtration system. It will give you fresh water that you can drink with confidence, knowing that it’s safe for you and your family.

You can find filtration systems of all sizes, from small fridge filters to larger, industrial devices. Whichever you choose, fresh water is only a filter away!

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