Top 8 Instagress Alternatives You Should Know

For many years, many marketers and agencies have been using Instagress as the Instagram bot of their choice. But the problem is that it’s also been three years since the popular bot was shut down. The developers behind the awesome didn’t have a choice after getting the shutdown request from Instagram. According to various sources, the causes were related to the use of bot/automation technology and the copyright law infringement of using Insta as part of their name.

Anyway, ever since the bot was shut down, many marketers and agencies are still looking for the best alternative. Nevertheless, some of them are still having difficulties finding the right alternative for them. Not to mention that Instagress is not the only bot that got shut down due to various reasons.

Therefore, everyone needs not only one alternative but multiple alternatives. To help you with that, I have gathered a list of the top eight Instagress alternatives that you can try.

1.      Growthoid

Growthoid’s services have been growing since the past few months and can deliver real followers, connect you with relevant followers, and boost Instagram engagement. Basically what you want to get from an Instagram bot.

You can also read the user reviews of this bot. Most of them are saying how affordable and effective Growthoid is. Another important thing is that Growthoid is deemed safe and secure, so the bot will be most likely to last long. If you decide to try this bot, you can choose a plan that suits your need.

2.      Jarvee

The company behind Jarvee just made a surprising promise: Jarvee can work 10 times faster than before. Yes, the promise sounds really wild, but the user reviews have been positive so far. With Jarvee you can automate your Instagram and other social media accounts. All while still following Instagram’s ToS.

3.      Growthsilo

Similar to Growthoid, Growthsilo offers a much safer and reliable alternative to most other bots. This bot is proven to be able to provide its users with real engagement and followers on Instagram. The user reviews are also encouraging everyone to try Growthsilo.

One thing that assures me that this bot is safe is the fact that real people are the ones behind the services. These people are making decisions that align with Instagram’s ToS. So you can be sure that Growthsilo meets all the security and safety elements of Instagram. A great bot for people who are serious about building their presence on Instagram, either for business or personal reasons.

4.      Inflact

Inflact is one of the existing bots that are considered to be better than Instagress when it was still around. The company behind Inflact claims that this bot is twice as effective as Instagress. It is also very confident to show its success with current clients.

The company’s confidence is surely assuring, as you don’t want to risk your account with shady bots. With Inflact, you can see reports about how your account is doing and tweak some features based on these reports.

5.      Follow Adder

As you can guess from its name, Follow Adder’s main feature is to get you followers and more engagement with your followers. The first thing you have to do with this bot is to configure your preferences so that it can work on autopilot, after that. The company promises to follow Instagram’s ToS despite the bot working on autopilot mode. You can also manage up to 25 Instagram accounts at the same time.

6.      Media Mister

Media Mister’s biggest selling point is its long-lasting services. Meaning that the developers will do whatever it takes to make sure Media Mister is running for as long as possible. They everything there is to know about Instagram’s ToS so you can be sure that your account is safe and your business is running smoothly.

Another big advantage of Media Mister is the presence of customer support. You can voice your concern or ask any questions directly to customer support via a message box on their homepage. As for the plans, you can choose any one that suits you. Media Mister’s plans are some of the most affordable prices you can find, and they offer support for other social media platforms as well.

7.      Social Savage

Social Savage is famous for its speed. You can expect to get likes, video views, followers, and other growth services without waiting too long. But despite its speed, Social Savage is also safe and compliant to Instagram’s ToS. And it works on other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Many users have said that Social Savage is more than just buying followers. After you bought followers from them, you can expect to get support and engagement, which are more powerful than just mere numbers. Overall, Social Savage is great for people who want quick results but still follow the applicable rules.

8.      Task Ant

Task Ant was the first alternative to Instagress that people deemed efficient and safe. In fact, it is still true today, with more and more people are using Task Ant to improve their Instagram accounts. This bot has some unique features, such as a hashtag generator, which can be used to look up any hashtag that you like. The company behind Task Ant also said that its number one priority is safety for its customers.


When choosing the right bot to replace Instagress, you must do your homework first. Only choose a bot that has the right plan for your needs, is safe, and can work as efficiently as possible. Overall, I think any one of these bots should work great.

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