What Are the Health Benefits of Massages?

After a long week, you’re feeling tense, sore, and cranky. You know that you need to decompress somehow, but your normal go-to relaxation activities are no longer working. How can you relax those muscles?

That’s right: it’s time for you to treat yourself to a well-deserved massage.

Many people think that getting a massage is a luxury. While they are luxurious, that doesn’t mean that they’re a frivolous expense. There are plenty of benefits of massages that extend beyond having a pampering session at the spa. 

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to learn some of our favorite massage benefits. 

Relieving Post-Exercise Muscle Soreness

If you feel sore after working all day or getting a good workout session in, a massage might be the best thing that you can give yourself. 

Delayed-onset muscle soreness (or DOMS) can be debilitating. Sure, it’s temporary, but it can disrupt your life for several days at a time. You can’t get back to your workout routine if you’re feeling too sore to stand up.

A good massage will soothe that soreness so you’re ready to hit the gym again. 

Soothing Chronic Back Pain

Did you know that 8% of all adults experience persistent or chronic back pain? While there are plenty of ways to ease your own back pain (like getting an ergonomic chair, doing back-strengthening exercises, and maintaining better posture), massage therapy is a great short-term solution. 

Back pain can keep you in bed on bad days, make it hard to walk around at work, and stop you from having fun with friends and family members. You won’t be as mobile and you may struggle with basic tasks. 

Massage therapy is perfect for relieving pain and tension in your back so you can return to your day-to-day life. 

Relaxation and Stress Relief 

While this may not seem like a health benefit, stress can actually have serious health consequences. Chronic stress can lead to fatigue, high blood pressure, and more. Sitting back and relaxing every now and again is crucial if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

When you choose one of the massage options at a nice spa, like Islandsaltandspa.com, you’re giving yourself the gift of stress relief and relaxation. 

Better Circulation

An under-recognized health benefit of massage is better circulation. 

While you should be staying active to maintain good blood circulation, getting routine massages will help to fill in the gaps. Better circulation results in a better complexion, better wound healing, better organ function, and more. 

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Massages

Don’t you deserve to treat yourself to a relaxing massage? Take advantage of the health benefits of massages every now and again to maintain optimal health and wellness.

You can recover faster from muscle soreness, improve your circulation, soothe chronic or persistent back pain, and give yourself a much-deserved opportunity to relax and decompress. You deserve it.

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