6 Interactive Experiences You Should Include at Your Next Event

Are you looking to throw the party of the century? To become the Great Jay Gatsby of your day? With many people feeling that post-pandemic 2021 is set to usher in a new roaring ’20s everyone will soon be interested in having a great time.

But how do you get the party started? And what kind of interactive experiences can you include in your professional party to help you take your event to the next level? 

From photoshoots and campfires to augmented reality, here’s everything you need to know about creating interactive experiences everyone will remember. 

1. Camp Fires

Have you ever wanted to get back to nature? Your guests probably feel the same way. One of the best interactive experiences you can do is to host a campfire for your guests in the middle of the woods.

This can make them feel interested and intrigued especially if they are used to working in a bit bustling city. 

Be sure to find a forest or some woods relatively nearby and to arrange transport to make this a reality. The venue is the most important aspect of any event when you are conducting party planning. 

2. Photoshoots 

Photoshoots are another great interactive event. You could hire a professional photographer but this can feel a little boring and stilted.

Instead, you could hire a Premier Photo Booth where your guests are in charge of taking as many silly and stupid photos as they want from the touch of a button. 

Get your guests to dress up in different costumes and be prepared to include a dressing up box as part of the party pack. You could even ask your guests to bring their own customs. 

When you are doing your party planning be sure to figure out whether you are going to need one or two photobooths; you may well feel that you need more than one if you have a high proportion of guests. 

3. Augmented and Virtual Reality 

Augmented reality is the future of modern-day life. Soon we’re all going to be ditching our phones for a pair of glasses like the Google Glasses that give us additional information about our environment and to play games with each other. 

At the moment everyday AR tech is a long way off but you can rent virtual reality and augmented reality goggles that cost tens of thousands of dollars just for a day. You can set them up and give your employees the time of their lives. 

There are games where the dinosaurs come back to life and you have to train them or set them to fight other dinosaurs or there are even games where you can design your whole living room using furniture from stores like Ikea. 

4. Card Games 

Card games provide a host of interactive experiences that your guests won’t forget in a hurry. You could go with traditional games like poker or you could even spice things up a little bit by making it strip poker.

Be sure to read the mood of the room and figure out if this is appropriate or not, you don’t want to alienate your guests. 

You could turn the card games into drinking games by suggesting that participants have to drink every round. If some guests don’t enjoy drinking be sure to inform them that they can drink water instead or a drink of their choice. 

5.  Coffee Tastings Mornings

Often overlooked, coffee tastings mornings are a great way of getting people together. MacMillan organized the world’s biggest coffee morning in 2013. People often don’t get the chance to indulge and try the different flavors as they often only have the money to buy one coffee at a time.

An interactive experience where people get to explore new things or new flavors is always the best. People come away feeling that they have pushed their boundaries, this is greatly empowering.

Enquire with local coffeehouses and see if they can arrange this for you as part of your party planning. Maybe you could hire out a private room either in the coffeehouse or elsewhere to make it a more exclusive event. 

Failing this you could host it in the coffee shop itself; then there’s always a chance that the group might mingle with other guests in the coffee shop. People will have the opportunity to make new friends outside the circle of the group party if they so wish. 

6. A Night at the Circus 

A night at the circus can be entertaining for all involved, especially if you get to go backstage after the circus to see how the tricks are performed and to meet the cast. 

Be sure to arrange this for your party if it’s possible. You could even keep it a secret for your guests until they arrive, only revealing it at the last moment. 

Remember that some guests might be sensitive to animals appearing in the show so you need to find a show that is ethnical in terms of animal rights.

Interactive Experiences Are Great 

Interactive experiences are great for parties. Nobody likes a party or an event where no one talks to each other; they can be boring. You want and need to put some serious party planning in if you want to make your party great. 

Think about the crowd that you are inviting and what event is likely to go down with them. If your guests are all vegetarian then don’t arrange a cooking class with a chef who only cooks meat.

If you are interested in learning more about fun experiences then be sure to check out the rest of our site. 

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