7 Bike Riding Outfits for Summer

Summer is one of the best times to get out and about on your trusty steed. Whether you ride vintage, hybrid, electric or Dutch style bikes, your summer riding outfit is just as important as your bike! Here’s a quick tour of seven bike riding outfits to suit your summer adventures.

1. Cycling Jersey

The classic cycling jersey offers comfort, fit and utility to men and women riders. Look for a short- or three-quarter-sleeve jersey made of breathable, antimicrobial fabric with mesh vents and roomy back pockets to stash your phone and valuables. Choose a brightly colored jersey to increase your visibility while on the road!

2. Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts are a no-brainer for regular or long-distance bike riders. To pull on a pair of shorts with adequate padding, stretch and comfort is everything when you’re used to being on your bike for hours at a time. Look for a pair made with material that wicks moisture from your skin and features a comfort or stretch waistband.

3. Riding Dress

Riding dresses can be worn over cycling or street shorts. They often feature side vents, reflective details and internal pockets. Look for a breathable, washable fabric that requires minimal care. Wearing a riding dress means you can hop off your bike already dressed for a social function! Imagine your pals’ reaction when you turn up in your best riding dress on one of the best hybrid bikes on the market!

4. Bike Pants

Bike pants protect you from the sun’s rays and give you comfort and flexibility. From commuter pants to mobility cycling trousers, bike pants are available in a variety of fabrics like cotton, polyester and elastane blends that give you mobility and comfort. Whichever brand and style you go for, make sure the pants are lightweight, breathable and durable.

5. Cycling Tights

Cycling tights give you many options for wear in the summer. For example, you might start out wearing them under your shorts on a cool summer morning, then remove them when the temperature begins to rise. For women, they look and feel great under skirts and dresses. Look for tights that feature high-stretch wicking fabric, stay-put waistbands and waistband pockets.

6. Bike Skort

The bike skort offers the wearer the comfort and fit of bike shorts with the look of a regular skirt. Today’s bike skort market is full of designs, colors and materials. Look for the skort that best fits your body and gives you the coverage and functionality you seek. As with a riding dress, you can wear your skort with confidence at social functions!

7. Riding Jacket

A packable riding jacket gives you sun, rain and wind protection, and a brightly colored choice can give you much-needed visibility for on-and off-road adventures. Whether your ride is one of the many electric bikes for adults or a vintage beach cruiser, you’ll increase your riding comfort and style with a jacket. Seek those that feature mesh vents, multiple pockets and removable sleeves.

If these seven outfits have captured your imagination, browse the internet for more ideas. Express your style this summer while you and your friends get out on your electric, hybrid and Dutch style bikes!

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