7 Terrific Reasons Why You Should Move to Nashville

If you’re planning a move, Nashville, TN should be at the top of your list. Nashville has the best of small-town charm in a bustling city.

Like Reese Witherspoon, Justin Timberlake, and the other A-listers that call Music City home, you won’t regret a move to Nashville.

Before you start packing your bags and moving to Tennessee, read this guide for 7 reasons to move to Nashville. 

1. A Music Haven

Nashville is known for being the center of the country music industry. It’s home to the Country Music Hall of Fame and the famed Music Row district. Some of the biggest names in music like Dolly Parton, Sheryl Crow, and Taylor Swift call Music City home. 

There are numerous music venues across the city where you can enjoy live country, bluegrass, Americana, rock, pop, or hip hop music. Lower Broadway in downtown Nashville is nicknamed Honky Tonk Highway for the many places you can stop in for free live music and a cold drink. 

2. Low Cost of Living and High Quality of Life

The cost of living in Nashville is the main draw for many people who are moving to Nashville. The average per capita income in Nashville is 20% higher than the U.S. average. Tennesee doesn’t have a personal income tax on earnings which can save a family up to $10,000 per year.

But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality of life. With so much to do no matter what you’re interested in, you get more bang for your buck in Nashville. 

3. Southern Charm

When you ask for moving tips, many will tell you that you should pick a place with a neighborly culture. Nashville has small-town charm with big-city excitement.

Nashvillians are friendly and welcoming and can often be found on a rocking chair on the front porch waving at their neighbors. Sprinkled throughout the city, you will find small and friendly neighborhoods that feel far more like a small town than the capital city of Tennessee.

4. Renowned Culinary Scene

Known for its unique southern cuisine with influences from immigrants from across the globe, Nashville’s culinary scene has something to offer everyone. 

Nashville is the birthplace of hot chicken. It’s home to the very best places to dig into some authentic hot chicken. BBQ lovers will find some of the best BBQ in Music City.

5. Booming Job Market

Nashville’s thriving job market is bringing more and more people to the city. The city has a large healthcare industry and tech companies have brought a flood of new jobs to the city.

Nashville has the second hottest job market in the U.S. and an unemployment rate of only 2.6%, which is far below the national average.

6. Nightlife

There’s never a dull night in Nashville! Nashville’s nightlife is more than just Honky Tonk Highway. You can find everything from magic shows to rooftop cocktail lounges. 

No matter what your mood, there’s a way to get out and enjoy all of the vibrancy of Music City with good company. 

7. Plenty of Ways to Get Outdoors

Anyone planning a move to Nashville should know that there’s plenty of fun to be had outdoors just outside of the city. Nearby parks, bike trails, rivers, and mountains make Nashville an outdoorsy person’s playground.

Nashville’s mild climate year-round means you can enjoy all four seasons outdoors.

Pack Your Bags and Move to Nashville Today

The list of reasons to move to Nashville is endless. But deciding to move to Nashville, you can rest assured that you will find everything you’re looking for. All that’s left to do is start packing!

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