Party on! How to Choose a Party Boat Rental

Are you looking to throw a party that will be unforgettable for everyone? Before you go planning an extravagant party in a local venue, have you considered party boat rental?

If you really want to exude class, style, and give your guests a taste of luxury, there really aren’t many better options than renting your own private boat and hosting a party.

Maybe this whole idea is brand new to you and you don’t even know where to start. Not to worry, we’re here to help you decide how to make the right decision for you, so keep reading!

Pick a Location First

We know—when we suggest party boats, you might envision yourself sailing the seven seas as you celebrate, but the reality is that the boat most likely won’t be going anywhere while the party is actually happening. 

It makes sense, then, to select a location for your party that will add to the experience. That may be in the middle of the ocean, but it could also be in the bay around bustling city nightlife.

Something to consider is how your guests would feel about sailing – some might get seasick so a safe option is to find a port and moor there.

Decide What Kind Of Boat You Want

Choosing the type of boat you want to rent for your party is important. Do you want to go for comfort and luxury? Or maybe you just want a full-on party with thumping dance music and messy drinking games! Let’s take a look at the two main options.

Private Yachts

A private yacht is the ultimate expression of luxury! These boats will feature amenities like a lounge, kitchen, living areas, and even sleeping areas.

A private yacht will obviously be pricey, so if you can afford it you probably won’t be too concerned about the cost and can go all out. But private yachts aren’t for everyone.

Thankfully, there is an option that still allows you to party on a boat without having to remortgage your home!

Party Boats

A party boat is different from a private yacht in that it is fit for purpose. Rather than sitting on a posh yacht getting a taste of the lifestyles of the rich and famous, you can really get your party on!

A party boat will feature a dancefloor and will have more staff than a yacht. This staff will likely include waiters and even a DJ or live performer.

Party boats can range in size, from large boats that allow for 100+ guests, or small boats of up to 10 people for your close family and friends.

Try Party Boat Rental For a Unique Experience

Whether you want to throw a big birthday party or a bachelorette boat party, party boat rental is a great option to really impress your friends and give you a party that you’ll never forget.

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