Camping Experience: 5 Key Things to Take on a Camping Trip in 2021

Imagine taking the time to plan the perfect camping trip. You’ve found a fantastic location and you’ve gotten everyone’s schedules to align for the special occasion.

Now imagine having to cancel the whole thing because you’ve brought the wrong gear. 

This is a scenario many unfortunate campers have found themselves in. When going into the woods, it’s important to have everything checked off the appropriate camping checklist.

So what items are needed when you’re going camping? The answer may surprise you, but if you read along, you’ll find all the items you need for a great camping experience!

1. Every Camping Experience Needs Shelter

Some enjoy the idea of roughing it out in the woods, but even in those cases, it’s good to bring a tent. This will help protect you from insect bites, particularly from ticks that can cause Lyme disease. 

In such cases, there are now plenty of lightweight tents and frame materials that make hiking much more bearable. 

Another great option is making a truck camping setup. If you plan on driving your truck all the way up to where you’ll be spending the night, definitely look into the storage room and sleeping platform a truck setup will give you.

2. Rain Gear Is Nonnegotiable

Every camper must pack rain gear.

It doesn’t matter if the weather forecast says it isn’t going to rain. It doesn’t matter if you like the idea of getting wet on your trip. Being outside in the cold and rain for too long can easily cause hypothermia. If hypothermia isn’t treated properly, it can easily lead to death.

3. FireStarter

In that same vein, a firestarter can make a world of difference. It may seem like an obvious choice, but there are some aspects you need to keep in mind.

If you plan on using matches as your firestarter, make sure you keep them in a waterproof container. The same goes for any firewood you might bring, though many commercial campsites offer firewood to campers upon arrival. 

4. OTF Knife

An Out-The-Front or OTF knife is a must-have on any camping trip.

They’re great for storage so nothing gets accidentally punctured in your bags. They can be used for cutting materials, opening food packaging, or if necessary, self-defense.

If you aren’t sure where to start when buying an OTF knife, check out this article.

5. Bear Spray

If you plan on camping in the western parts of the United States, bear spray can be a literal life-saver. 

Even if you aren’t camping in an area commonly frequented by bears, bear spray is still an incredible resource. It will typically fend off other predators you may come across and can be used like mace if you encounter any hostile individuals in the woods.

Make the Most Out Of Your Camping Experience

Do some research on the type of environment you’ll be staying in. Preparation can be the deciding factor in whether you’ll have an incredible experience or a total camping disaster.

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