Experience the Magic City: 5 Cool Things to Do in Miami

When it comes to major cities, few have the distinctive flavor and excitement of Miami, Florida. If you’re looking for a vacation spot that’s exciting and inviting year-round, you won’t be able to go wrong with heading down to the southernmost tip of Florida.

While you’re there, you will likely need to get familiar with all the cool things to do in Miami. There’s so much to do in the city that it’s hard to fit it all into one trip! Miami attractions range across all categories and price ranges, which means there’s always something to do no matter your interests.

What are some fun things to do in Miami that you definitely need to check out? Read on and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know.

1. Miami Beach

The first thing on your mind when you try to envision Miami in your mind’s eye is probably rolling white sand beaches. Miami is known as the place where you can tan on the beach even on Christmas morning, and your trip to the city won’t be complete without a walk down the coast.

The most famous of beaches that make up the city is Miami Beach itself, which is actually located on a little island positioned just off of the city. It’s a quick trip over but you’ll want to bring some money for parking as it does get quite crowded.

There are also many gorgeous Art Deco buildings on the island that are worth checking out. A stroll around the beach area, in general, should be almost enjoyable as the sand and water itself.

You might even consider renting a luxury car to cruise around the area and take in the sights. 

No matter what month of the year you go, you should be able to dip into the water and embrace the eternal summer vibes.

2. Explore the Everglades

Miami is established right next to one of the region’s most famous natural sites, the Florida Everglades. Though this area has been ravaged by real estate development in recent years, there is still plenty of natural wonders to travel into and explore.

There are many different ways to explore The Everglades, but the most exciting might be by airboat. A number of services will take you out on the water and educate you about the important role The Everglades plays in the region’s natural cycles. 

You’ll also get to feast your eyes on amazing wildlife, from birds to fish, to yes — the famous American Alligator. Make sure you keep your hands inside the boat!

3. Visit the Miami Zoo

Speaking of wildlife, if you want to spend some time out among the animals, you’ll need to ensure that you make a stop at the Miami Zoo. The Zoo puts a lot of work into providing habitats for animals that are close to what they would experience in the wild.

There are many open-air exhibits where the various species move through their environments without the need for cages. This provides a safari-esque experience for visitors, giving guests a chance to experience these majestic beasts up close. 

There are many options for young children to interact with the safer animals available at the park. There are feeding animal exhibits and even a place where kids can ride a camel! 

If you have an animal lover in your family, visiting the Miami Zoo will be the number one place you need to go. 

4. Eat at Little Havana

If you want to have an authentic cultural experience, you’ll want to take some time to stop off and have dinner in the Little Havana neighborhood. Within the confines of Little Havana, there are many families and communicates that have come over from Cuba to start life in America.

The food here is amazing, with many open-air restaurants and live music providing a festive and enjoyable atmosphere. It’s easy to walk around and to get completely immersed in the environment.

The district has continued to expand over the years and now stretches out among the neighboring streets. There are so many places worth eating at that you might find that you need to make a return trip during your stay.

You can also stop in for distinctive coffee, fashion, and entertainment in a variety of different outlets. 

5. Miami Science Musueum

The Miami Science Museum was established all the way back in 1950 but it remains one of the most exciting science-focused museums in the whole country. 

If you have kids, the thing you’ll love about this museum is that it offers a truly hands-on experience. The museum is made up of hundreds of hands-on displays and interactive experiences. 

If your kids need to get inside of something to really feel and learn about it, the museum can do just that. The museum covers a wide range of topics, from physics to biology to chemistry and everything in between.

The museum is also constantly updating its exhibits and bringing new displays in. It’s worth looking up what might be new when you visit the town, just to see if there’s something special you might be interested in.

Cool Things To Do in Miami

There are few places more exciting anywhere in the United States than Miami. There are numerous cool things to do in Miami and the above list is really only the tip of the iceberg. Trying out any of these attractions is sure to ensure you’ll have a fantastic time.

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