CBD Lotions for Muscle Pain: Do They Really Work?

Did you know that a 2019 Gallup survey discovered about one in seven adults in the United States use CBD products in some form? As more states legalize marijuana products, CBD topicals are increasingly turned to as an alternative to harsh medication to manage pain.

One of the most popular forms of CBD topicals is the use of CBD lotions. The lotion is easy to apply and can moisturize your skin as well as treat pain. You may be wondering, does CBD help with joint pain? Read on to learn the benefits of CBD lotions and how they can help your pain management.

Relieve Painful Inflammation

CBD topicals can treat many types of inflammation, from skin level to joints and cells. Disorders that cause skin inflammation include autoimmune diseases, which can lead to dry skin. CBD lotions can perform the dual purpose of moisturizing your skin and reducing inflammation on a celuluar level.

The best CBD topicals may actually help you with you inflamed joints as well. Does CBD help with joint pain? Evidence points to cannabinoids that target specific cells, reducing the effects of joint and muscle pain.

If you have trouble finding something to help with chronic pain, CBD is a safe option that is non-addictive and can manage symptoms in the long term.

Talk to Your Doctor Beforehand

Even though CBD can be a much better choice than many of the pharmaceuticals your doctor prescribes, you should still discuss it with your physician if you want to make the switch. He or she may have advice on products to start with and how best to use them for your specific situation.

If you already take other medications, you should always check beforehand to see if the CBD may have a negative interaction with them. Unintentionally, this could cause distrastous effects on your body, so it is better to be safe before using CBD topicals of any kind.

Determine How Often to Use CBD

Once you decide that CBD for joint pain and other issues may help you, you should make sure that you get the correct dosage. Typically you will need to reapply CBD lotions every four to six hours if you have intense pain, but you should find a routine that works for you.

You should also research thoroughly before purchasing any product with CBD in it so you know that it has the effect you need. That way you will not have to waste money on products that do not have the correct ingredients or dosage for you.

CBD Lotions May Be Right for You

You should not have to turn to drastic measures such as prescription medication to find relief from pain in your body. With CBD lotions and other CBD topicals, you can help improve your quality of life and manage your pain effectively.

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