How to Talk to Your Partner About Using a Condom

Since over half of Americans have had sex before even turning 18, you likely have been taking rolls in the sack for a long, long time. Still, whether you’re a seasoned sex veteran or a curious and excited virgin, using a condom is important to your sexual health and safety.

Talking to your partner about using a condom can be tricky, but it’s totally possible to do so without making things awkward. Read on to learn how!

Discuss It Before Sex

It’s important to talk about wearing a condom prior to any actual sex happening. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and forget to ask, which is a huge problem that you’ll worry about later if it’s important to you. It also can totally destroy the mood if you need to interrupt halfway through sex to have a lengthy discussion about condoms, so you definitely want to avoid the need for that.

Talk About Its Importance

During your pre-sex chat, talk about why it’s important to you that your partner wears a condom. Even if you’re on the pill, infertile, gay, or are having otherwise non-PIV sex, talk about how condoms can prevent STDs.

Emphasize that you will feel safer if a condom is used. If your partner still doesn’t want to use a condom, it’s a sign that they don’t value your comfort and safety. In this case, you probably should find someone better to have sex with, anyway.

Choose Your Type of Condom Together

Some people find condoms uncomfortable or worry that they’ll decrease sensation, but in reality, they likely aren’t using the right ones. Work together to find a condom that fits- those that are too small can indeed be very uncomfortable. Head to the store together or look online to find the right condom for you.

Hollywood Condoms is an awesome brand that will remind you both that condoms can actually be fun! Ribbed condoms increase sensation, so this is definitely something to try. You can also find glow-in-the-dark condoms at the store for visual fun and flavored options for a better oral sex experience.

Make Sure You’re Stocked Up

In order to use a condom during sex, you need to have some condoms at home. Make sure that you purchase enough to last you for at least a few encounters! Stick them in a drawer near your bed (or wherever else you like to have sex) so that they’re easily accessible while you’re in the heat of the moment.

You can also make putting on the condom a sexy experience. Blindfold him, lick the interior, or just laugh about it. These are great ways to retain the mood while putting it on and make sex more fun for both of you.

Beyond Wearing a Condom

Now that you know how to talk about wearing a condom during sex, it’s time to learn some more ways that you can take care of your sexual health. Check out the ‘health matters’ tab on our home page to learn more. Here, you’ll find articles about both sexual and holistic wellness, so start browsing!

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