Dayanna Volitich – Planning For New Year

We are just 3 weeks away from the turn of the New Year, a time when many of us will take stock on what we have achieved up to this point and look ahead with a great deal of promise to the year ahead. Each year my friend Dayanna Volitich and I will sit down together for some Christmas drinks and set out our resolutions for the coming year. Over the last few years we have had great success with our resolutions something which I know that not everybody has. I wanted therefore to talk a little about how we manage to complete our resolutions each year, perhaps this can help you out with yours.


The New Year’s resolutions that you make simply have to be realistic, far too often people make wild and highly optimistic resolutions which they simply cannot achieve. If you do have lofty ambitions then make a series of resolutions, starting with easy items to change and then leading up to the ambitious resolution. Doing things in this way will ensure that you do actually achieve what you want, before aiming high.


The reason why my friend and I do our New Year’s resolutions together is because in doing so we can then hold one another accountable for their success. There is a certain kind of positive peer pressure which you get when you know that someone else is aware of your plan, making failure something that you are less likely to find. Each time that I speak with Dayanna after the new Year the first question on each of our lips is ‘how are your resolutions going?’ this can really help you to stay focussed and motivated to achieve your goals.

Failure is The Journey

SO many people fall at the first hurdle when it comes to resolutions and they then give up assuming that  they have failed completely. The truth of the matter however is that failure is simply a part of the overall journey. Let’s say that you are trying to lose weight and that you have a day where everything goes wrong, you get home and lay into a pizza. If this happens you have to get up the next day with the same mindset as before, with weight loss goals clear in your mind, forget about the pizza and move on. Far too many people eat the pizza and assume that they’ve failed, before going back to a life of fatty foods. You have to understand that you will very rarely try out something new and get it right first time, you need to be patient and accept failure as part of the learning experience.

Make your resolutions achievable but not easy, do all that you can to remain focused and driven towards what you want to achieve and be sure to use friends and family to hold yourself accountable, do that and you’ll be just fine.

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