What Makes Mike Giuffrida A Great Boss

Do you have a great boss? Unfortunately for so many people the answer to that is either no, or that they do not know. To let you in on a little secret, if you do have a great boss then you will most certainly know about it. I have been very lucky during the last  few years of my life ever since I started working here in Hartford, CT. I used to work for the same company in Southington but I really didn’t have a great experience with the boss and the team there. When I arrived here in Hartford however I began working for Mike Giuffrida, a great business mind and an even better boss. For any wannabe bosses out there, here is what you need to do in order to be the best.

Respect the Staff

A boss shouldn’t be some draconian monster looking to berate the staff day in and day out, in fact they should be the ones who are working with the staff to keep morale up and keep performance levels high. A boss should be firm when necessary and fair to boot, if you can achieve this like Michael has then you will gain the respect of the staff, making your job far easier than ever before.


Michael has a reputation for being very flexible with his staff should they ever need personal time or a few hours off to deal with personal issues. I have worked for bosses in the past that make you feel like the devil when asking for time off and the result of that is a workforce who refuse to do anything extra. Because of the fact that Michael is so flexible with the team, he has the backing of all of us when the time comes to work extra hours, stay back late or come in on our days off. Michael perfectly understands the give and take that is required between the staff and the boss.


The number one thing that makes a passionate member of staff disinterested in their job is when they feel excluded by the company, this in essence makes the staff feel like they are just a cog in the machine as opposed to a valued member of staff. What Michael does however is to try and include us in as much as possible, he is always speaking to us about the company and its targets and he makes sure that we feel valued in our position.


Michael has a way with everyone in the team when it comes to motivation and although we are made up of a wide variety of personality types and characters, he seems to know the right thing to say to each of us, and the way to say it, that really gets us pumped up and ready to attack our job.

If you want to be a great boss, this is the kind of person you should look to learn from.

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