Michelle Marquez – The Benefit of Having a Weight Loss Partner

Michelle Marquez is a friend who has been by my side since we were kids, long before she became stock market specialist dealing in arbitration, fraud and securities and long before she became a superstar in the law group that she works for. We may differ in our passions when it comes to our jobs, but we something which we do very much have in common are our passions. Unfortunately however our passion for eating had taken its toll on us and 6 months ago we both set out to change our bodies for the good. Michelle was the perfect partner for me and here are the benefits which you can expect when you buddy up with someone for your weight loss goals.


I cannot tell you the number of mornings that I would wake up absolutely dreading my pre-work exercise. In these dark moments it can be very easy for us to simply hit the snooze button and turn back over. Owing to the fact that I did decide to buddy up however, these were the days when Michelle would give me a call and get me pumped up for the gym. This works both ways and on the odd occasion that I would be motivated, I would return the favor.


If you are dieting alone then a little cheat meal here and there, or a sneaky piece of cake is not the end of the world, after all you will only be letting yourself down. When you are doing this with someone however the cheat meal or sneaky piece of cake, symbolizes you letting down someone  that you are on a journey with and as a result you will be far, far less likely to cheat.


Michelle and I have always had competition between us and this lends itself perfectly to the gym environment. We are not competitive to the point of injuring ourselves of course, but having someone alongside me like that on the treadmill, meant that I would push that little bit harder compared with if I had gone alone.


At times you can feel very lonely when you are heading out to the gym at the crack of dawn so to have Michelle there with me was a great source of company for me. Even within the gym we used to have a good chat, Michelle is quite the talker, and this too would mean that you were working out without really thinking about what you are doing.


It is not just the weight loss journey which is better with a friend, being able to share success with them is something else that is better done together. We each set our own landmarks and achieving them together was simply brilliant.

Michelle was brilliant for me and if you want toy achieve your weight loss goals, why not try and get someone to do it with you?

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