Different Cuddling Positions and What They Mean

Cuddling is an important part of intimacy. And, cuddling can even improve your health, so it’s important to optimize your cuddling and understand what the cuddling positions you choose mean for your relationship.

Let’s go through the different cuddling positions.


Spooning is one of the most intimate cuddling positions, and it’s also one of the most common. It’s named for what it looks likeā€”one spoon wrapped around the other.

This allows one partner to feel safe and supported. Spooning may be well known, but it’s still one of the best cuddling positions out there! And, spooning also helps you recognize the structure of your relationship.

The more dominant partner will usually be the big spoon more often while the more passive partner will be the little spoon more often. If you have a problem with the status quo, you may want to switch up your spooning position to help change it.

Face to Face

Cuddling face to face can seem awkward and weird, especially when you’re sleeping. But, staying up close and personal with your partner can help keep you comfortable with each other and improve your communication skills.

You’ll be able to maintain eye contact in this position, which helps you keep your trust in one another and help you with your vulnerability.

If you’re looking to get more comfortable when cuddling face to face, look into the best silk pillowcases to boost your cuddling experience.

Holding Hands

If you’re uncomfortable being so close together when you’re sleeping, or you overheat easily, sleeping while holding hands can be a great compromise. This will help you stay connected with your partner without feeling overwhelmed.

Like cuddling, handholding can benefit your health, but in a way that is more sustainable for people who may not be able to deal with sustained bodily contact.

Intertwined and Hugging

When you’re first starting out in a relationship, you never want to let go of your partner. That’s how you’ll end up cuddling by being completely wrapped around your partner, facing each other with legs and arms intertwined.

Even when you’re further along in your relationship, you might want to try out this position once in a while to get the feeling of being newly in love back.

Head in Lap

Sometimes, you want to cuddle during the day. That’s where a head-in-lap cuddling position can help you out. One partner puts their head in the other’s lap. That allows one partner to be vulnerable and trusting. 

It’s also convenient if one partner is trying to read a book or watch something on television while the other wants to take a nap or relax. Head in lap is certainly one of the most versatile cuddle positions out there.

Try Out These Cuddling Positions Today

Understanding these cuddling positions will help you take the intimacy in your relationship to the next level.

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