Essential Tips for Managing Your eBay Inventory

Managing the eBay inventory for your store doesn’t seem too daunting at first. There’s an unfortunate reality, though. As is the same with any business, growth brings complications.

For an eBay store’s inventory, that complication is space and organization. If you’re a small startup with no dedicated storage, inventory management can be expensive. Estimates say it’s almost 15% of the item’s cost to store it, depending on the size!

Of course, that number will vary depending on the content of your inventory. Regardless, you can’t expect a small eBay startup to have a spare warehouse for storage.

That’s the tip of the iceberg, too. What about keeping track of it all?

We’ve got a few tips for the logistics, as well as some great suggestions on business and commercial storage!

Keeping Track of Your eBay Inventory

This one might seem obvious, but if you’ve never worked any job managing stock then it might not be. The first thing you need to implement is a tracking system for the items.

If you’re only selling a few items, then you’ll get away with shelving them in a devil-may-care fashion. What happens if you have items in bulk, though? Or if your eBay stock consists of many different items?

Even storing them at home can get messy. You might think you’ll make a mental map of it and be able to conjure the item at will. Eventually, something will get lost then you’ll be kicking yourself.

Get organized! Give specific boxes numbers, and keep track of everything contained in the numbered box. That way you aren’t spending hours digging through a pile of stock.

It’s as simple as printing off some labels or custom barcodes. It might seem like a hassle, but it’ll save you time managing your inventory constantly.

Managing Physical Storage Limitations

You can consider yourself very lucky if you aren’t selling large items. Being able to store all of your stock in your home in a spare room is a blessing. If you’re selling hundreds of bulkier items, a better solution must be available.

Clutter and confusion are dispellable by buying proper bins and containers for inventory storage. Not only will they allow a more efficient method of packing items away, but efficient designs mean they take up less space in a room.

If even this isn’t helping, and you’ve got shelves and rooms overflowing with numbered boxes, you might need a more expensive solution. You could always hire a storage unit somewhere, but that can get expensive.

There are companies offering storage units that can manage the entire process for you. They’ll pick up and pack the items away within 24 hours’ notice. If you’re pushed for space, it’s an elegant solution.

A Tidy Inventory Is a Tidy Mind

We’ve all heard the adage that a tidy room is a tidy mind, and the same goes for your eBay inventory! Keeping everything organized will clear up your mental space for more important things, like selling more eBay products!

One of the activities you could enjoy with that newfound clarity is reading more of our blog! There are all sorts of fascinating lifestyle tips and news to read through!

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