Etargetmedia Reviews – Why Email Marketing Makes Sense For Business

My small business in Coconut Creek, Florida was never a hugely profitable one but it always ticked over and made me a small profit which was enough for me. In terms of marketing I used to hand out flyers and would place the odd advert in the local magazine, but I never really thought that it would bear much fruit. A chance meeting last year with a  fellow business owner here in Coconut Creek made me think twice about marketing and she told me about the success she had had with a company called Etargetmedia. I checked out the Etargetmedia reviews and thought that I may as well give it a try. They specialize in email marketing campaigns and this has really helped to take my business to the next level. I have learned so much about email marketing and thanks to the success that I have found, I wanted to share with you what it could do for your business.

It Works

Many people talk about how email marketing is no longer something that can actually work for business but the reality is very different. The reason why people say this is that in the past email marketing used to have a click through rate of around 14%. The click through rate is basically the number of people that receive the email and then actually interact with it. These days that figure is closer to 3% but if you send 1000 email then that is still 30 people who are going to be interested in your business.


Email marketing is better than it has ever been before because it now targets the people that it is sending emails to. Let’s say for example that you place a huge billboard with an ad about your company, that may be seen by 10,000 people but if the majority of them are not your target demographic, you may have wasted your money. With the modern approach to email marketing however your business is going to be shown only to people that already have an interest in the type of product or service that you are selling. As the result of this targeted approach the interaction and the results that you see are far better than if you were simply randomly sending out emails.

Brand Building

Just because someone doesn’t interact with an email it doesn’t mean that your money has been wasted, in fact this is a great strategy in terms of building a brand. Brand growth is about planting the seed in a customers head and exhibiting your business in as many places as possible. Let’s say that you are selling weedkiller and you email a potential client who doesn’t interact with the email. Some weeks or months later this person needs weedkiller, where do you think that they are going to go? That’s right, they will have remembered your brand which helps you with brand growth, and then you will make a sale off the back of it.

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