Exploring the Benefits of Trade Show Graphics

On average, you have three seconds to communicate key brand messages to attendees as they pass by your trade show booth. This is why having quality graphics is so important! Graphics should be clean, attractive, and easy to read. Avoid text-heavy signage, which will quickly become white noise on the trade show floor.

Increase Brand Awareness

A great trade show graphic company understands the importance of branding your booth with graphics and signage that showcase your brand’s personality, message, or product. You can’t afford to rely on the same generic graphics year after year, as attendees will quickly write you off as not having anything new for them to see.

Graphics are visual, so you should use bold images to communicate your message. This will ensure that your booth’s visuals stand out among the crowd, even if the attendees cannot read your copy. Additionally, you can use other visual elements like charts and infographics to increase the clarity of your messaging.

The font you use on your trade show graphics also significantly impacts how attendees interpret your brand’s messaging. Avoid using too many different typefaces, as this can cause confusion for your audience and distract from your trade show graphics. Another important consideration is the size and placement of your trade show graphics. Most of your trade show graphics will be viewed from 6 feet away or more, so ensure the most crucial information is at eye level or higher. 

Increase Sales

Graphics make booth displays aesthetically appealing, and the right graphics can help increase sales. The best trade show graphics include photos of products and services, and they can feature logos to brand the space. They can also feature information about the company, such as the product’s features and benefits.

A professional design team can help ensure your brand’s graphics look great and communicate the right messages. Using high-resolution images correctly formatted for large-format printing is important, as it ensures that your graphics look sharp and clear. In addition, a design team can create graphics that encourage attendees to take action in your booth.

Point of purchase (POP) displays encourage attendees to try out a product, sign up for a service, or purchase an effect on the spot. They can range in size from tabletop displays to larger wall or floor-based displays. Trade show graphics are a critical component of any event exhibit, and they should be designed with the attendee experience in mind.

The right graphics can capture the attention of attendees – and do it quickly. But poorly designed, cluttered, or misplaced graphics convey that your company is unorganized and may not be worth doing business with. That’s why it’s important to use a professional graphic design company experienced in designing graphics for trade shows and other events.

Increase Leads

When your booth graphics entices attendees, they’ll want to learn more. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with potential customers and make a sale. A current survey found that 77% of exhibitors cited lead generation as their primary objective at a given event. However, it’s important to remember that your objectives should align with the specific nature of each trade show and your company’s overall goals.

Graphics used in booths of all sizes are critical to driving booth traffic. They’re the face of your brand and can leave a lasting impression on future customers. They also communicate a company’s personality, mission, and values.

Whether using POP displays that encourage attendees to try out products, sign up for services, or purchase something on the spot or larger banners hung from a pipe and drape structure or custom exhibit, your trade show graphics should be carefully designed.

The colors you use should contrast with each other, and the composition of your graphics should be balanced. The color palette should include both hue and value — Hue refers to the identity of a color, while value measures its brightness or darkness.

Increase Attendee Engagement

A great trade show graphics company will provide an exhibit layout that embodies your brand’s personality. This includes color selection and fonts, significantly impacting how attendees perceive your brand’s tone of voice.

While your trade show graphics should be primarily visual, including some messaging to compliment your image and product imagery is important. Any copy included in your trade show graphics should be thought of as an “elevator pitch” and should aim to draw prospects into your booth. Limiting the text to ten words or less is also recommended to prevent overwhelming attendees.

Long-range graphics can be seen from a distance and include essential branding elements like logos, images, product information, or infographics. The key is to remember that your audience reads from left to right, so placing important content on your trade show display will help ensure your message is seen and understood.

Short-range trade show graphics are designed to be viewed from 6 feet away or closer and include important messages, products, or brand information you want your audience to focus on. The best approach is to think of your trade show exhibit as a three-dimensional billboard and focus on creating bold messaging that can be seen.

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